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Looking for top quality linseed oil? Look no further than Torg - your one-stop shop for all things food and beverage. Find the best suppliers and products at competitive wholesale prices, all in one convenient marketplace. With options from Spain, Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean, you're sure to find the perfect linseed oil for your business needs. Don't settle for subpar sourcing - trust Torg for all your private label b2b needs.

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Pikant Ostrava specializes in producing vinegar, cider vinegar, and coldpressed oils. Known as a traditional producer of highquality vinegar, their new 10 white vinegar is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning households. They offer a wide range of traditional and special vinegars, oils, and vinegarbased products without preservatives. Find their products in Ostrava, Tebovice or online.
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Czech Republic . - .
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Fratelli mantova since 1905
Products: Delicatessen products, gourmet food and staple food Nutrients Pasta (non-chilled) Rice (non-chilled) Delicatessen sauces and seasonings Vinegar Pesto Soy sauce Oils and fats Vegetable oils Olive oil Rapeseed oil Soya oil Grapeseed oil Argan oil Sesame oil Sunflower oil Other Oils Organic products Organic delicatessen products, gourmet, general provisions and health foods Organic pasta (non-chilled) Organic seasonings and sauce seasonings Organic oils and fats Organic Free From, Health & Functional Foods Organic gluten-free products Product sector: Fine Food Trend subjects: Clean Label (organic, natural and non-GMO products) Gourmet & Specialty Food Halal Kosher Organic products private label Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Products for the food processing industry Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada China Colombia East Africa Germany India Japan Mexico Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Others Oceania Others South America Russia South Africa South East Asia Southern Europe Türkiye USA West Africa Western Europe
Argan oils
Vegetable oil
Balsamic vinegars of modena
Gluten free
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It all began in the young years of a miller's son and rock musician. Willi Pfannenschwarz, son of a miller family from beautiful Waldenbuch, carries two hearts in his chest. One beats for the world of milling with all the machines, the hard work in the countryside and the fascination with food and nourishment. While the other heart enjoys the sounds of loud rock music and the love for technical details in and behind the music. Technology has always been a passion of Willi Pfannenschwarz, who speaks rather modestly of "his systems". These are conceived and built in the factory's technical center and programmed by himself. But back to the beginning. As a young man and later a trained miller, Willi Pfannenschwarz was always involved in the mill, learning a lot about the craft, but also about the valuable grain. Relatively early on, he was concerned with the question of the value of white flour and why it was better to separate the nutrient-rich outer layers from the grain during grinding, in order to then "dispose of" them as animal feed and thus as supposedly inferior. After he was sure that something had to change, an idea was born that is Seitenbacher's mission statement to this day. "We want our customers to live a healthy hundred years." And this with a diet that is based on nature with raw materials that are as natural as possible. A movement that developed in many food areas at that time and called itself "natural food". This is Seitenbacher loyal to this day. But just having an idea is not enough to found a company. Many thoughts followed in different directions. In the end, however, one central question overshadowed all others
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Energy bars
Muesli bar
Meat patties
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Germany Siemensstr. 14 - Buchen In The Odenwald
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Organic oils italia srl
Where we are and what we do Organic Oils Italia is nestled among the lush hills of Umbria, the so-called "Green Heart of Italy", not far from the wonderful Lake Trasimeno. In this Earthly Paradise, for over 25 years, we have been selecting, producing and packaging our highly prized line of organic seed oils, enriching it through careful and scrupulous research with a premium range of extra virgin olive oils, pestos, sauces and vinegars. , all from certified organic farming. Made in Italy Quality Passion Our vision of the world We wish to offer our passionate consumers products in line with the most modern trends in human nutrition science, increasingly based on healthy and certified foods, capable of providing the diet with those substances necessary for daily well-being. Organic Oils is the only European company operating in the organic sector to have full control over the entire production chain, from the field to the processed and packaged product, up to delivery to our customers all over the world. Our brands Among the company brands, Crudigno is our historic brand, known and recognized both in Italy and abroad, as the reference brand for Italian organic oils. Thanks to the obsessive attention paid to the quality, traceability, transparency and tastiness of all our products, as well as widespread distribution throughout the world, we are able to best carry out our mission: to spread the concept of a healthy and controlled diet, offering the consumer a wide range of oils from organic farming with deep traceability, obtained exclusively from certified and controlled raw materials and without any residue of dangerous pesticides. With our Crudigno brand, we now offer one of the widest selections of oils for everyday use in fresh and modern packaging, providing the consumer with very important information about the multiple benefits and correct methods of use. How we work Our activity begins with a scrupulous selection of suppliers of raw materials from organic farming, carried out by internal staff through constant field audits. The actual production activity begins with the arrival of the pre-selected organic raw material, which is scrupulously rechecked and quarantined awaiting analyzes carried out both in our internal laboratory and, to a large extent, through external laboratories certified for the specifications. matrices. All incoming products must fully comply with our technical data sheets and specifications, as well as having to fully respect the organic parameters. Once we are certain of the perfect quality of the raw materials, the products are inserted into our production plant for selection, cleaning, screening, cold pressing and subsequent natural decantation. Some specific products, such as cooking oils, undergo a further production step within our factory which is called deodorization, through an exclusively physical process using a counter-current of steam, which allows the oil to keep all its main characteristics, reducing only its taste and colour, so as to be easier to use in everyday life. Finally, all our oils are packaged by us and sold around the world, always maintaining maximum freshness, quality and traceability.
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