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Explore the vibrant and flavorful world of lettuces from Torg! Our high-quality selection of b2b, private label suppliers offers a wide range of lettuces sourced from Spain, Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean. From crisp Romaine to delicate Butterhead, our lettuces are perfect for your wholesale needs. Discover the freshest lettuces with Torg today!

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Hiemstra Export logo
Hiemstra export
Hiemstra B.V. is an agricultural business located in Middenmeer, specializing in providing logistical solutions and industrial scale greenhouses for efficient growth and transport of fresh products. With a history dating back to 1938, they offer a range of services to support producers in getting their products to the market effectively.
Canned potatoes
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Netherlands De Oude Kooien 2 - Beringe
Certificates: All
Az. Agr. Di Lilla E Giuliani SRL logo
Az. agr. di lilla e giuliani srl
From the website provided, we can extract the following description: "Lilla & Giuliani agricultural group has been producing and commercializing fruits and vegetables in Europe since the 1970s. They focus on providing healthy and high-quality products from Puglia, offering a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cherries, figs, different types of grapes, and various vegetables. They are committed to organic farming, holding all necessary certifications for organic products. Their mission is to ensure quality along the entire supply chain by working with the best suppliers."
Green grapes
Red grape juices
Black seedless grapes
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Italy Via Castellana nc - Polignano a Mare
Certificates: All
Consorzio Agribologna Sca logo
Consorzio agribologna sca
Agribologna operates in the fruit and vegetable sector to enhance the productions of its members, elevating quality standards. They offer a short supply chain, ensuring constant quality and direct market connection. Agribologna's members cultivate a variety of fresh produce such as leafy vegetables, fruits, and herbs across Italy. Their products are handpicked, ensuring freshness and nutritional value. Discover their line of fresh, natural, and readytoeat fruits and vegetables for a healthy and convenient diet without preservatives. Agribologna's specialty lies in providing the essence of freshness and promoting conscious eating.
Green cabbage
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Italy Via Ferrara, 6 - SAN PIETRO IN CASALE (BO)
Certificates: All
L'insalata dell'orto S.r.l. - Gambarare di Mira (VE) logo
L'insalata dell'orto s.r.l. - gambarare di mira (ve)
The vegetable garden salad is born from the encounter between a passion and an idea. The passion is that for the land, which for 3 generations has led our family to devote themselves to the cultivation of salads and vegetables. The idea is the one that in 1990 led us to expand production to greenhouse cultivation, then dedicating ourselves to the processing and packaging of horticultural products.
Fresh alfalfa sprouts
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Italy Via Giare, 144/A - Gambarare di Mira (VE)
Certificates: All

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