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Looking for quality lard suppliers? Torg is the perfect place to find exactly what you need for your business! Our platform offers a wide selection of lard products from trusted and reliable European and Mediterranean suppliers. We guarantee secure b2b transactions and fast delivery of goods, so all you have to worry about is getting great value for your money. With us, you can be sure to receive only top-notch food products from reliable manufacturers that meet all safety requirements - the perfect choice for a private label solution!

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Appetizing Uses for Lard

  1. Baking & Frying: Lard is a great ingredient for baking as it produces light and flaky pastry. It can be used in the classic French pâte brisée or shortcrust pastry, as well as in other pies and tarts like the Italian crostata or Spanish empanadas. Furthermore, its high saturated fat content makes it ideal to fry foods since it has a higher smoke point than butter or vegetable oils. So, you can use lard to fry potatoes, eggplant parmesan, churros and much more!
  2. Sauces & Condiments: Lard can also be used as an ingredient in sauces. A common addition to Spanish sauces is pork fat which gives them a unique flavor that pairs very well with rice dishes like paella and risotto. In Italy, lardo di Colonnata is a cured pork fat that is flavored with herbs and spices before aging for two months in marble containers – the result is an exquisite condiment that adds richness to pasta dishes. It's also popularly used to prepare mayonnaise or pesto sauces!
  3. Soups & Stews: Another interesting way to enjoy lard is by adding it when cooking soups or stews. This will give your dishes an incomparable depth of flavor compared to other fats such as olive oil or butter! Moreover, since lard has been traditionally used for centuries all around the world, many cultures have recipes that feature this amazing ingredient such as French potée auvergnate which combines vegetables, smoked bacon and lard; Mexican pozole rojo with hominy corn; Colombian caldo de costilla with beef ribs; and Brazilian feijoada made with black beans and several types of meat.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is a great way for businesses to save money, as they can purchase large quantities of lard at once. Lard can be purchased in various sizes, from 10kgs all the way up to 25 tons at a time. Bulk packaging for lard is suitable for b2b buyers who are looking to source large quantities of product from suppliers.
  2. Flexible Packaging: Flexible packaging is a great option for businesses who wish to purchase and use smaller amounts of lard on an ongoing basis. Flexible packaging comes in many different forms such as plastic bags, foil pouches, and sachets. It is also a cost effective solution for b2b buyers as it reduces waste significantly and allows them to order only the amount that they need.
  3. Private Label Packaging: Private label packaging is a great solution for b2b buyers who want to get their own branded version of a product (in this case lard). Private label products often come in containers such as boxes or jars with customised labels and logo designs that reflect the company’s brand identity. This type of packaging offers an added level of credibility and recognition amongst customers compared to generic brands in the market.

All You Need to Know about Lard Suppliers Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is known for its traditional cuisine and lard has been an essential part of it for centuries. It is used as a base ingredient in many dishes, such as stews or soups, and also as a condiment. With Torg, buyers can access the best Spanish products, including lard from top suppliers. With millions of products available on our platform, you can find exactly what you need while taking into consideration factors such as prices and quality.
  2. Italy: Italy is renowned for its wide range of regional cuisines all based around fresh ingredients. Lard plays an important role in Italian cooking across different regions and styles - from salty cured lardo di colonnata to creamy lardo fresco used in dishes such as pizza. Torg can help buyers source authentic Italian produce with support from trusted suppliers located all over the country.
  3. Turkey: Turkey has one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world and uses lard extensively in both traditional recipes and contemporary dishes. Whether it's savory pastries filled with minced meat or oven-baked potatoes topped with melted butter, Turkish cuisine relies heavily on this undervalued fat for added flavor and texture. Through Torg, buyers have access to high-quality Turkish ingredients at competitive prices that meet their needs.
  4. Greece: Greece has some of the oldest culinary traditions within Europe which are still alive today; many recipes use lard as a key ingredient due to its unique flavor profile which it adds to any dish it's used in. As sourcing can sometimes be tricky when looking for Greek suppliers, especially beyond Athens' boundaries, Torg provides assistance so that buyers can get their hands on top-notch products like Greek lard without any hassle or delay .