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Looking for vegan and lactose-free food products? Torg is the perfect destination serving as a b2b marketplace for buyers from all over the world! Our exhaustive selection of Lactose-Free products ranges from Olive Oil, Paella, Risotto, Rice, Vegan Beef, Flavoured Oil, Vitamin to Vinegar and Snack Mix. We have suppliers located in Spain, Italy and throughout Europe & Mediterranean regions offering quality products at wholesale prices.

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A selection of lactose-free milk bottles in various flavors. The packaging shows a modern and sleek design with light colors and fonts. The products include almond, coconut, and oat milk variants. Ideal for b2b sourcing, wholesale distribution or private labeling. Perfect for those with lactose intolerance in Europe or the Mediterranean region. Get your supply from trusted suppliers on Torg.

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happylife logo
We´ve been on the Slovak market since 2009. Since then we´ve created and continue to create unique products made from the highest quality ingredients. We are also a wholesaler bringing a broad portfolio of healthy products to our customers. Our goal is to prepare products from clean sources that everyone can enjoy – without gluten, lactose, added sugar, preservatives and colourings. We try to create recipes ensuring that the harmony of flavours and benefits for the body are in balance. Creating new organic products is very important to us and therefore, strict quality controls of ingredients and the whole production process have become our second nature. We respect all of the unwritten rules of nature while being able to deliver high quality products full of taste. Organic production taught us to honour traditions and wisdom of our ancestors, as we believe that this is the only way to create products for a truly happier life.
Lactose-free creams
Lactose-free milk
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Slovakia Nádražná 34/A - Ivanka Pri Dunaji
delka logo
Delka owes its success to its choice of noble, natural, top-quality ingredients and the experience of our saucier chefs. Delka offers a range of over 200 recipes inspired by the flavors of the world, for snacks, kebabs, pitas at home, family barbecues, etc. We successfully distribute our sauces on the snacking, supermarket, Halal butchery and food service markets, both in Belgium and abroad.
Sweet chilli
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Belgium Rue de Battice 22, 4800 Verviers, Belgium - Verviers
biopont ltd. logo
Biopont ltd.
We have been passionately committed to making people’s lives better with our products, promoting conscious nutrition and protecting our environment for decades. Our story started in 1997 as a small business, always inspired by the healthy lifestyle and an environmentally friendly, sustainable approach. Today, our company has grown into Hungary's market-leading manufacturer and distributor of organic and natural food. Our goal is not just to meet the needs of the followers of a healthy lifestyle, but also to provide suitable alternatives for those with food intolerances by manufacturing high-quality and tasty gluten- and lactose-free products. Our constantly expanding product range from a controlled organic farming offers organic and natural food with more than 20 product lines. As a Hungarian company, we strive to use Hungarian raw materials, support small-scale farming and regional agriculture, and are committed to protecting biodiversity and the environment. We believe that only through mindful, sustainable agriculture can we guarantee the enjoyment of natural, tasty, nutrient-rich food, as well as human and environmental health for future generations. This company philosophy determines our economic operation as well as our future development.
Puffed wheat grains
Potato snack
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Hungary 2451 Ercsi Biopont utca 1 - --
seaweed market oü logo
Seaweed market oü
Seaweed Market OÜ supplies seaweed for snacking, cooking, food decoration, sushi and gimbap rolling, asian noodles, asian soups etc Seaweed has many application opportunities in food preparation due to its’ unique structure, well-balanced hardness and natural flavour. It is loved not only by asian chefs but many European both vegetarian and meat restaurants use sea tang for serving best dishes ever. Moreover there are reliable researches claiming that daily intake of dried algae reduces the risk of gastric ulcers and tumors, some types of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Most of our seaweed products are low in calories and seaweed dietary fibre improves gut motility, assists activity of useful bacteria, helps losing weight, as it makes to feel a sense of fullness after a meal longer. So it is the product that you shouldn’t avoid during even strongest diets, on the contrary you might include some seagrass into your daily ration to improve your health and become fit.
Chinese noodles
Food decorations
Chinese egg noodles
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Estonia Ehitajate tee 110B, Tallinn, Estonia - tallinn

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