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Looking for vegan and lactose-free food products? Torg is the perfect destination serving as a b2b marketplace for buyers from all over the world! Our exhaustive selection of Lactose-Free products ranges from Olive Oil, Paella, Risotto, Rice, Vegan Beef, Flavoured Oil, Vitamin to Vinegar and Snack Mix. We have suppliers located in Spain, Italy and throughout Europe & Mediterranean regions offering quality products at wholesale prices.

Capture a picture of a variety of lactose-free products available from Torg's b2b suppliers, sourced from all over the world. Showcase the diversity and quality of products in this category, such as vegan cheese, milk substitutes, ice cream, yoghurt, and other items. Focus on the wholesaling and private label opportunities that Torg offers for businesses looking to find reliable suppliers in Europe, Mediterranean or Spain.

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Exploring Lactose-Free Suppliers in Different Regions

  1. Spain: Spain is a great location for sourcing lactose-free ingredients. With numerous suppliers based in the country, Torg helps to make finding and comparing quotes from different suppliers easier. Additionally, with its unique geographical position, Spain can offer access to a Mediterranean diet, which has become increasingly popular for being tasty yet healthy. With its own unique culture and history going back centuries, Spanish cuisine is packed full of delicious dishes that are naturally lactose-free, such as Gazpacho and Patatas Bravas.
  2. Italy: Italy is one of Europe's most important producers of food products, especially those targeting the international market. The Italian market offers an incredibly large variety of options when it comes to lactose-free products - from vegan cheeses and pastries to traditional Italian dishes like risotto and pizza without cheese or dairy toppings. Thanks to Torg's B2B platform, buyers now can easily find reliable suppliers that can cater their needs directly from Italy with just a few clicks.
  3. California: California is renowned for its agricultural production all over the world; making it one of the perfect locations for sourcing lactose-free ingredients. From almonds and rice milk to soy yogurt and vegan cheeses - Californian companies have been pioneering the alternative dairy industry since the early 2000s by introducing new products made from plant sources instead of animal ones. Through Torg's platform you can browse through numerous suppliers in California that offer tailored solutions for any type of business in need of lactose-free products at wholesale prices.
  4. Portugal: Portugal has recently become an important player in Europe's food industry thanks mainly to its varied seafood selection as well as other traditional gastronomical specialties like 'Pastel de Nata' or 'Bacalhau'. Portuguese chefs also excel in creating delicious recipes using only plant sources leaving out any kind of dairy product or ingredient with traces of lactose - this makes Portugal an ideal place for buying not only seafood but also other types of ingredients free from animal sources like legumes or grains etc.. With help from Torg you'll be able to find reliable suppliers located within Portugal quickly or even directly request quotes online!

Related products and categories

  1. Lactose-Free Cheese: With the rise of health awareness and lactose intolerance, there is an increasing demand for lactose-free options. Lactose-free cheese is a great option for those looking for dairy products without the effects of lactose on their system. It can be used in cooking or as a snack, making it versatile and appealing to b2b suppliers and buyers sourcing from Torg's vast selection.
  2. Lactose-Free Milk: For those companies looking to meet the demands of lactose intolerant consumers, lactose free milk offers a viable solution. This product provides all the benefits of regular dairy milk without the negative side effects associated with consuming lactose. B2b sourcing from Torg ensures that buyers will find the highest quality, fresh options coming directly from top suppliers around the world.
  3. Dairy Alternatives: For those looking to avoid dairy altogether, there are many non-dairy alternatives available through Torg's selection of suppliers. These alternatives often come in various forms such as nut milks or plant based milks which mimic the consistency and taste of traditional cow's milk while providing added health benefits such as high protein content or low sugar levels depending on variety chosen.
  4. Vegan Cheese: Vegan cheese adds another layer of complexity to catering for those with dietary restrictions such as veganism or allergies related to animal products like lactose (which is found in cow’s milk). Being able to source vegan cheese through Torg allows buyers access to unique ingredients from trusted suppliers across Europe and beyond that they wouldn't have otherwise had access to easily.
  5. Gluten Free Flour: Gluten free flour is another popular option for companies wanting to cater for customers with allergies and sensitivities towards gluten - an ingredient found in wheat, barley and rye products - when baking goods or preparing meals at foodservice establishments. Through Torg's website, buyers can quickly request quotes from numerous suppliers offering specific types of gluten free flours perfect for their needs across multiple locations throughout Spain, Italy and Europe as well as further afield thanks to private label options available too.

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