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Welcome to Torg's Kiwifruit page! We are your one-stop marketplace for all your b2b food product needs. Our large selection of Kiwifruit products is here to cater to all kinds of businesses. From private label to wholesale deals, we've got you covered. Our user-friendly web application allows buyers from all over the world to browse and request quotes from specific suppliers at their convenience. With our diverse range of products and organized categories, such as Olive Oil, Paella, Risotto and more - finding what you need has never been easier. Let us assist you with all your sourcing needs and discover top quality Kiwifruits from trusted suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Kiwifruit supplier in Europe. High quality, fresh kiwifruit sourced from Spain and Italy. Choose Torg for all your b2b wholesale needs. Delicious kiwi fruit perfect for any menu or dish.

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Mount Pack & Cool Ltd logo
Mount pack & cool ltd
Mount Pack Cool (MPAC) is the largest and most technologically advanced packhouse in Bay of Plenty. They offer efficient packing services tailored specifically for the kiwifruit industry, aiming to pass on cost savings directly to growers. Their GroPlus philosophy centers around ethical practices, teamwork, and loyalty, ensuring consistent long-term financial growth for both employees and customers. MPAC provides post-harvest client services, orchard management, artificial pollination, laboratory services, and storage leasing.
New Zealand 41 Taitimu Road Tauriko - Tauranga
Certificates: All
DMS Te Puke Packhouse & Satellite Coolstores logo
Dms te puke packhouse & satellite coolstores
DMS Progrowers is a grower-owned co-op that puts growers first by sharing profits and offering top-notch services in packing, orchard management, and more. With a strong focus on kiwifruit and avocado processing, their approach is meticulous and quality-driven. DMS stands out as one of the largest kiwifruit management companies in New Zealand, known for attracting the best talent in the industry. Join their co-op where you'll be treated like family and benefit from their expertise and resources.
New Zealand 318 Te Matai Road Te Puke - Tauranga
Certificates: All
Trevelyan Pack & Cool Ltd - Te Puke logo
Trevelyan pack & cool ltd - te puke
Trevelyan's is the largest singlesite kiwifruit and avocado packhouse in New Zealand, offering orchard management services and a dedicated team for growers. With a focus on quality and sustainability, they provide a range of services including harvest support, technical guidance, and market partnerships. Join their team for permanent or seasonal jobs and be a part of their success story. Contact them today to learn more about how they can support your avocado and kiwifruit production.
Avocado drink
New Zealand 310 No.1 Road - Te Puke
Certificates: All
Soc Agricola El Porvenir S.A. - Planta El Porvenir logo
Soc agricola el porvenir s.a. - planta el porvenir
Verfrut offers a variety of delicious fruits from South America including grapes, cherries, apples, kiwi, and more. Their high-quality products are sustainably sourced and available for purchase in 360 markets worldwide. Contact them for more information or to explore their product calendar.
Apples jellies
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Chile Parcela 1,2,4 y5 Santa Ines Las Cabras - Las Cabras
Certificates: All

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