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Are you looking for the finest Kebab suppliers? You’ve come to the right place! Torg is a b2b food products marketplace, where buyers from all over the world can find relevant suppliers fast. We offer a large selection of all types of products and all kinds of food categories - including Kebab. Whether you need it for your business or private label needs, we have you covered with our vast selection of Kebab products from around Europe and Mediterranean area.

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The Many Ways to Enjoy Kebab

  1. Street Food Snack/Meal: Kebabs are a popular Middle Eastern street food, and many people love to enjoy them for a quick snack or meal. They can be served with pita bread, hummus, tahini, and other accompaniments. For a more filling meal, serve kebabs over rice with vegetables and yogurt sauce. A unique way to enjoy kebab is in the form of tacos - simply wrap the kebab meat in warm tortillas and top with sauces or vegetables of your choice.
  2. Restaurant Dishes: Kebab is an excellent choice for restaurants that want to offer something new and interesting on their menus. It can be served as an appetizer platter with flatbread and dips or as part of main course alongside salads, rice dishes, couscous dishes, bean dishes etc. Restaurants could also offer specialty wraps filled with freshly prepared kebab meat together with salad leaves and pickles for a healthy yet delicious lunchtime option.
  3. B2B Sourcing/Private Label: Wholesale suppliers provide businesses like supermarkets and food manufacturers access to large quantities of high-quality kebab products such as minced beef & lamb skewers, chicken doner strips & shish cubes plus much more at competitive prices. Private label services are also available which allow end consumers to get their own brand of kebab products without having to go through complex processes. This makes it easier for business owners who want access to premium quality ingredients for their own business endeavours.

Related products and categories

  1. Doner Kebab: A traditional Turkish dish made of grilled meat, usually beef or lamb, served in a wrap with vegetables. It is often served as fast food and is similar to the Kebab in terms of ingredients, but it may use different spices and have a distinct taste.
  2. Shawarma: A famous Middle Eastern dish made of thinly sliced cuts of meat that are cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Although Shawarma is similar to the Kebab in terms of preparation and ingredients, it has its own set of unique spices and herbs which gives it its distinctive flavor.
  3. Gyros: A Greek dish made from spiced chunks of pork (or sometimes chicken) that are cooked on a rotating skewer over charcoal or electric heat. Gyros is similar to Kebabs in that they share many similar ingredients, but the main difference lies in the type of meat used and preparation method which makes them unique.
  4. Adana Kebab: A spicy Turkish kebab traditionally made from ground lamb or beef seasoned with red pepper paste, garlic, cumin, paprika and other spices. The Adana kebab has similarities to traditional kebabs but differs by using minced meat instead of large pieces like shish kebabs do.
  5. Falafel: A popular vegan/vegetarian option often served as part of street foods all across the Middle East. Made from chickpeas or fava beans blended with herbs and spices such as parsley, coriander, garlic, cumin etc., Falafel can be considered a variation on the theme of Kebab due to its similarity in terms of texture and flavor profile.

Recent Buying Trends for Kebab Products

  1. Growth: In the last five years, the Kebab category has seen a steady growth in sales, particularly in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Private label products have become increasingly popular as customers seek to differentiate their offerings from traditional suppliers. B2B sourcing of Kebab products is also on the rise, with many companies in Spain, Italy, and across Europe now offering a variety of options for Kebab products.
  2. Regional Variation: Geographical markets tend to fluctuate when it comes to Kebab product sales. Currently, countries like Spain and Italy lead the way for Kebab sales worldwide. However, other countries like Germany and France are also gaining traction for this category due to increased awareness and demand for specialty foods from these regions.