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Torg is the ultimate marketplace for sourcing all types of jerky products. With a vast selection of products from trusted suppliers, buyers can easily find what they need at competitive prices. Whether you're looking to source your own custom private label jerky or you're just looking for a good deal on wholesale jerky, Torg offers it all! With suppliers from all over Europe, Mediterranean and beyond, you can find what you need quickly and conveniently.

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Lian hwa foods corporation
Lian Hwa Foods USA offers a wide range of international delicacies and treats for shipping worldwide, including seaweed, seasoning, tea, snacks, frozen foods, jerky, seafood, and more. Explore their catalog for unique and delicious products to enjoy at home or share with others.
Frozen food
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Taiwan No. 18, Dinghu 1st St., Guishan Dist., - Taoyuan City
Certificates: All
Tarczyński s.a. creates top quality meat snacks that meet the highest nutritional standards, made with you in mind! Whether it's thin, perfect for snacking kabanosy or regularly featured parwki and sausages, their products are crafted with passion to guarantee the highest quality and bold flavors. Explore their range including kabanosy, parwki, and gryzzale for kids, providing delicious and energizing meat snacks for daily challenges. Additionally, they offer a socially responsible brand supporting balanced development, environmental care, and healthy eating habits, including their plantbased meat alternatives rich in protein.
Dry sausage
Sausage meat
Dog snacks
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Poland Ujeździec Mały 80 - Trzebnica
Certificates: All
Happy Howie's, Inc. logo
Happy howie's, inc.
Happy Howie's Natural Dog Treats is proud to offer an array of 100% natural pet treats, all proudly made in the USA. From meat rolls, burgers, jerky, sausages to woof stix, they provide a variety of options for your furry friend. Their treats are made with simple recipes using natural ingredients, ensuring a fresh taste that dogs love. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $39.98. Treat your dog to famous crunchy treats or soft meat roll treats - perfect for daily snacks, food toppers, or training rewards. Explore their bundles for variety and value. Subscribe to their newsletter for a 20% discount on your first purchase and stay updated on promotions and news.
Sausage meat
USA 15510 Dale Street - Detroit
Certificates: All
Prasek's Smokehouse logo
Prasek's smokehouse
Prasek's Family Smokehouse offers a variety of Texas crafted jerky, sausages, smoked meats, gift boxes, and more. Known for their authentic Lone Star State experience, Prasek's is a family-run establishment that provides quality, variety, and convenience, making it a must-visit for travelers seeking a true taste of Texas. With mouthwatering made-from-scratch foods and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Prasek's is where both Texans and visitors choose to indulge in genuine Texan flavors.
Bakery products
Sausage meat
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USA 29714 US-59 Hwy - El Campo
Certificates: All

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