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Torg offers an extensive selection of high-quality jasmine rice to meet the needs of businesses worldwide. Our comprehensive catalogue of suppliers and products enable you to quickly find the right product for your company at competitive prices. We have sources in Europe, Mediterranean, and other regions that provide us with top-notch jasmine rice at wholesale rates, enabling you to easily get bulk orders for private label production.

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Exploring the Jasmine Rice Scene Across Europe

  1. Spain: From its origin in Thailand, jasmine rice has become a popular staple across Mediterranean and European countries. Spain is one of the largest producers and consumers of jasmine rice, where it's commonly used for traditional dishes like paella or arroz con leche. With Torg, businesses can source quality jasmine rice from Spanish suppliers while taking advantage of competitive prices.
  2. Italy: Italy is a major exporter of jasmine rice due to its favorable climate and abundance of irrigated land. As such, Italian markets are full of different varieties including white and brown jasmine rices. Italian suppliers on Torg can help buyers find top-grade products with private labeling options available as well.
  3. Egypt: Egypt is known for producing some of the best quality jasmine rice in the world thanks to its combination of fertile soil and the Nile River. The country exports large amounts to many countries around Europe where it's served as part of traditional meals or enjoyed in simpler forms like steamed white jasmine rice. With Torg, buyers can connect with reliable Egyptian suppliers who offer competitive wholesale prices on their products.
  4. Greece: Greece is a major player when it comes to jasmine rice production thanks to its warm climate that allows for year round harvests throughout most parts of the country. Greek suppliers on Torg are great sources for high quality and affordable products that cater both local tastes as well as international trends in cuisine and flavourings.

Supply Chain Issues Related to Jasmine Rice

  1. Adulteration: Over the last few decades, there have been multiple cases of adulterated jasmine rice found on the market. In some instances, synthetic chemicals and dyes were added in an effort to make the product appear more appealing and increase profits. This has resulted in serious health implications for those consuming it, including digestive issues and food poisoning.
  2. : With global trade becoming more common, many consumers are unaware of where their food is sourced from or how it was produced. There have been cases of jasmine rice being sold with false origin labeling or even mislabeled as a different type of grain entirely. This makes it difficult for people to make informed decisions about what they eat and can lead to food fraud and poor quality products.
  3. False Origin Labeling:

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is an efficient way for b2b buyers to source large orders of jasmine rice from suppliers. This form of packaging prevents product damage by storing the rice in bulk bags, while also helping reduce costs associated with individual product packaging.
  2. Flexible Packaging: Flexible packaging such as pouches and bags are common forms of packaging for jasmine rice. These are ideal solutions for b2b buyers who want to package their products in custom amounts or sizes, allowing them to purchase only what they need to fulfill their orders.
  3. Private Label Packaging: Private label packaging is a great option for b2b buyers who wish to customize the look and feel of their purchased jasmine rice. It allows the buyer to display unique branding on each package, giving them more control over how their customers perceive their product when it arrives at its destination.