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At Torg, we offer an extensive selection of Himalaya salt from a variety of reliable suppliers around Europe and the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for a specific type or need help sourcing any kind of bulk or private label food products, our team is here to assist. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust that Torg will help you find the best deal on quality Himalaya salt for your business needs.

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Introducing our premium Himalayan Salt collection! Perfect for any b2b supplier sourcing wholesale products in Europe and the Mediterranean. Elevate your private label packaging with these beautiful variations of pink, white, and black crystals. Made from pure Himalayan salt in Spain, our high-quality salt will add a touch of luxury to any dish. Try it out today!

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a. doukas m. douka
A. doukas m. douka "ariston hellas"
Ariston Hellas began in 2009 with the vision of bringing unadulterated Extra Virgin Olive oil, on of the largest selections of Infused Olive oils and Balsamic Vinegar, as well as traditional Mediterranean products to the EU, Middle East, North and South America, Oceana, and Asian markets. Our products continue to recieve multiple awards yearly and we provide both premium and economic solutions for your customers.
Extra virgin olive oil
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Greece Platonos 19 - gargalianoi
borghini s.r.l. logo
Borghini s.r.l.
40 YEARS in Business, Borghini is now a modern Company based in the town of Arezzo in Tuscany ITALY. Specialized in the creation of ready dehydrated preparation & mixes, result of a profound Italian gastronomic tradition.... Born as an importer of spices&herbs and dried fruits counting over 40 years of activity, Borghini has developed his creative means by mixing, matching and turning simple raw materials in fundamental ingredients for preparations of high added value recipes. Among the categories we produce in house we have: Spices, herbs, dried fruits, legumes, cereals, and dehydrated ready meals that express the richness of Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Our extensive product line includes high-quality dried fruits and ingredients for the Foodservice and retail channels, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste, making every meal a delightful experience. thank you By "FDL" - Export Management Associate -- "Boosting your Business"
Blanched roasted hazelnuts
Dried fruit
Powdered saffron
White rice
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Italy Via T. Edison 27, 29, 29B - arezzo
Certificates: All
kryddhuset i ljung ab logo
Kryddhuset i ljung ab
Kryddhuset i Ljung AB is an entrepreneurial oriented family business with roots in Sweden and Italy, founded 30 years ago by Paolo and Camilla Labardi. We have gone from fulfilling a dream of being able to work together to a vision of adding creative and sustainable taste experiences in cooking. Since 2021, Kryddhuset is a part of the Swedish foodtech conglomerate Humble Group.
Olive oil sprays
Ice cream
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Sweden Industrivägen 3 - ljung
Certificates: All
Kartuz gida san. ve ti̇caret ltd.şti̇
Kartuz Salt Business, based in Ankara, has been serving a wide range of clients for nearly five decades. They offer a variety of gourmet salts, including Anatolian rock salt and Himalayan rock salt, as well as industrial salts for various purposes. Their products are trusted for their high quality and are carefully screened by a skilled workforce. Whether you need salt for cooking, industrial processes, water treatment, de-icing, or curing meats, Kartuz Salt Business has you covered with their extensive range of salt solutions.
Table salts
Himalaya salt
Certificates: All

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