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Looking for high-fibre food products? Look no further! Torg is the premier b2b marketplace for buying high in fibre products. We offer a wide selection of all types of fibre-rich foods from trusted suppliers around Europe and the Mediterranean region. Whether you’re looking for vegan beef, olive oil, paella, risotto or snack mix we have it all! Plus, you can get your sourcing, wholesale and private labeling needs taken care of easily through our web application.

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Creative Uses for High Fibre Foods

  1. Salads & Smoothies: For those looking for a healthy snack, high fibre foods can be a great option. From using it as a topping on salads to adding into smoothies or oatmeal, you can get creative with your favourite high fibre foods and enjoy the added benefits of extra dietary fibre.
  2. Homemade Recipes: If you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen, then why not try creating your own recipes with high fibre foods? You can make your own energy bars or bake muffins and cookies with whole grains and oats - these are great for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up!
  3. Couscous & Risottos: Don't forget about dinner time either! If you're looking to prepare a unique meal that includes high fibre ingredients, try making couscous dishes or risottos with vegetables. These are full of flavour and provide plenty of dietary fibre too.

Nutritional Qualities Of High In Fibre Products

  1. Nutritional Benefits: High in fibre products are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help to keep your digestion healthy and regular. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and zinc. Fibre-rich foods are known to reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. Other benefits include improved mental health, better gut health and increased satiety after eating.
  2. Cardio Health Benefits: Studies have found that diets high in fibre can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood by as much as 10%. This reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease or stroke. In addition, foods high in fibre can slow down sugar absorption from food into the bloodstream, helping people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively.
  3. Weight Management: Eating a diet high in fibre also contributes to weight management goals. Fibre helps to fill you up faster and stay full for longer periods of time making it easier to eat smaller amounts without feeling deprived or hungry all the time. Additionally, eating fibrous foods slows down digestion which prevents spikes in blood sugar levels and keeps energy levels steady throughout the day.

4 Relevant Locations for High In Fibre Suppliers

  1. Spain: Spain has a long, rich history of producing high in fibre food products. Its climate is perfect for growing and harvesting nuts, pulses, grains and cereals which are all important sources of dietary fibre. Major Spanish cities like Barcelona have already embraced b2b markets and private label sourcing as a way to find quality goods while keeping costs low. With the help of Torg, buyers can quickly navigate through suppliers landscape in Spain.
  2. Italy: Italy is renowned around the world for its love of delicacies, but it’s also known for its high in fibre foods - mostly thanks to its abundance of legumes and grains that are staples in Italian regional cuisines. From wholesalers to private label producers, Italy boasts a wide range of businesses dedicated to providing quality produce with excellent taste characteristics. Sourcing these products from Italy's vibrant market is easier than ever with Torg's organized supplier database.
  3. Mediterranean: The Mediterranean region as a whole offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of dietary fibre such as olives, artichokes, oranges and lemons. The availability of such ingredients makes this area ideal for sourcing high quality healthy products at competitive prices due to the large number of local suppliers in the area. With the help from Torg's marketplace buyers can easily access this vast pool source materials from different parts of the Mediterranean basin without any hassle.
  4. Europe: Europe is one of the most dynamic regions when it comes to food production and export business. With many countries being involved in providing goods customers can expect an impressive selection even within a single category like high fibre foods - from organic pastas, gluten free nuts & seeds to breads & cereals made with ancient grains or flavourful muesli mixes - Europe has it all! Thanks to Torg's platform buyers can now access this immense market in just few clicks!