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Looking for high-fibre food products? Look no further! Torg is the premier b2b marketplace for buying high in fibre products. We offer a wide selection of all types of fibre-rich foods from trusted suppliers around Europe and the Mediterranean region. Whether you’re looking for vegan beef, olive oil, paella, risotto or snack mix we have it all! Plus, you can get your sourcing, wholesale and private labeling needs taken care of easily through our web application.

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Looking for a healthy and tasty snack option? Check out our delicious high fibre snack mix! Featuring a variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, this product is perfect for any health-conscious consumer. Try it now from top suppliers in Spain and Italy on Torg's b2b food products marketplace!

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erbacher food intelligence gmbh & co. kg logo
Erbacher food intelligence gmbh & co. kg
With our many years of experience in extrusion technology, we offer you not only a wide range of products, but also the opportunity to develop a product together with us according to your individual requirements and wishes. In terms of composition, colour, shape, taste and product properties, there is almost no limit. You can find out more about the individual design options for our product range of ingredients for further processing in our product configurator.
Baby food
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Germany Im Steiner 2/4 - Kleinheubach
Certificates: All
nutrirsi  logo
NUTRIRSI è un'azienda specializzata nella creazione di pasta e prodotti da forno Funzionali/Nutraceutici (con lo scopo di favorire i processi fisiologici dell'organismo  davvero all'avanguardia), gli unici ad offrire caratteristiche nutrizionali di spicco come il PRAL Negativo con effetto alcalinizzante, per contrastare la spinta acidogena ottimizzando l'esercizio fisico rendendo le tue sessioni di allenamento sempre più produttive e, in particolare, il loro BASSO CARICO GLICEMICO per ridurre la massa grassa e migliorare la performance sportiva un alleato del dimagrimento. Caratterizzati da un'attenta selezione, utilizzando materie prime di altissima qualità senza conservanti ed additivi chimici. Produciamo una linea di prodotti con metodi innovativi ad elevata digeribilità, ricchi di fibre e sali minerali che tamponano lo stato di acidosi con un potere alcalinizzante. OVVIAMENTE. Uno stato di acidosi diventa causa delle ridotte capacità di recupero  dell'atleta e non crea le condizioni per ottenere  il massimo della performance Infatti un eccesso di proteine nella dieta comporta un elevato carico renale acido, che può ridurre la densità ossea se non tamponato dall'ingestione di alimenti ricchi di alcali che mirano a migliorare il benessere senza rinunciare al piacere alimentare italiano............
High in fibre
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Italy via vezzano ligure 22 - roma
eayni gida i̇thalat i̇hracat sanayi̇ ve ti̇caret li̇mi̇ted şi̇rketi̇ logo
Eayni gida i̇thalat i̇hracat sanayi̇ ve ti̇caret li̇mi̇ted şi̇rketi̇
EAYNI offers a versatile plantbased protein made from plant sources, ideal for vegan products and enhancing meat dishes at home. With rich protein content and nutrients, eayni plant protein is a healthy and economical meat alternative. It can be used in a variety of applications such as vegan burgers, protein bars, and even in traditional homecooked meals. Contact eayni to explore their delicious recipes and experience the future of plantbased protein!
Textured pea protein
Textured vegetable protein
Dried plant-based foods
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healthy element (let's go nuts) logo
Healthy element (let's go nuts)
Let’s GoNuts is a brand of HEALTHY ELEMENT. HEALTHY ELEMENT is formed with the intention of providing knowledge of the nutritious food gifted by nature to the mankind. We specialize in processing organic nuts & seeds hygienically adding variety of raw Indian ingredients, making it a healthy snack to munch on. Proprietor's Journey The man who has been pulling his own weight trying to prove that dedication & hard work is the key to success is Mr. Ashok Bhandari, proprietor of HEALTHY ELEMENT. In 1977, having been seen his dad, Late Sri Jeevraj Bhandari, working hard even in his 60’s, Mr. Ashok Bhandari understood the real meaning of hard work, which is, working hard is not by fate but by choice. Since then our network has grown extensively and so we are familiar with most of the up-countries. We have an experienced sales team who put their heart out for customer's satisfaction making it an example for spreading the dedication. Following this theory, he started catering many supermarkets & reputed food manufacturers, from the wholesale hub of Parrys. Besides this, he was very comfortable to handle the retail arm as well. Since then he started creating the system of Q.R. – Quality Products at Reasonable Prices. Following Mr. Ashok Bhandari’s footsteps, both his sons, Abhishek Bhandari (Masters in Retail Management) & Divesh Bhandari (Graduated, Certified in Digital Marketing) started trading in Nuts, Dry Fruits, Spices, Seeds & Bakery Inputs, gaining them a thorough training & knowledge in trading and retailing which led them to create Let’s GoNuts. Company Vision We have a rich experience in supplying DRY FRUITS GIFT BOXES in Acrylic, Cardboard Box, Glass Bottles, Jute Bags and many; making it up to 50 varieties to choose from, covering all budgets of gifting. Catering corporate houses for all happy occasions. Let’s GoNuts, is a platform for people seeking for the right assortment of healthy organic nuts & seeds to much on. To this, we add the healthy element of secret ingredient which makes these healthy foods tastier than never before. We are very near to road & rail heads in Chennai with sufficient warehouse with state-of –art delivery systems.
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India HEALTHY ELEMENT 1/3 Kanniah Naidu Street, Opposite To MINT Bus Terminus - Kondithope

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