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At Torg you can find all types of quality hazelnuts from trusted suppliers around the world. We offer a wide selection of hazelnuts sourced from Europe, Mediterranean and other regions to meet any industry's needs. With us you can find the right solution for your business with ease. Our team is always ready to assist on every deal, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Capture the beauty of hazelnuts in all its forms - from freshly harvested to carefully prepared. Showcase the unique colors, shapes and textures that are available when sourcing hazelnuts for b2b suppliers, wholesalers, private labels or any other business endeavor. Focus on the versatility of hazelnut within various cultures and cuisines across Spain, Italy, Europe and Mediterranean regions.

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Enjoy the Nutritional Benefits of Torg's Hazelnut Suppliers

  1. Nutritional Benefits: Hazelnuts are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They are particularly high in B vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids. As a result, they are an excellent snack option for those looking to keep their hearts healthy and maintain their cholesterol level.
  2. Protein Content: Hazelnuts are known to be a great source of protein with 6 grams per ounce. This makes them perfect for vegans or vegetarians who may struggle to get enough protein from other sources. Additionally, hazelnuts contain antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of some chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.
  3. Low Carbohydrates & Saturated Fat Content: Hazelnuts are low in carbohydrates and saturated fat making them a great snack for those trying to limit their levels of these nutrients in order to manage their diabetes or weight loss goals. While they do have some sugar content due to their natural sweetness, it is much lower than many other snacks out there so they can still fit into someone's health goals while providing a bit of indulgence as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are edible seeds that come from the Corylus tree, a deciduous tree native to Europe and Asia. They have a sweet, slightly nutty flavor and are used in baking, cooking, and confectionery production around the world. For B2B buyers looking for reliable hazelnut suppliers, Torg can help you find the right source for your needs with its expansive sourcing options.

What Types of Hazelnuts Are There?

Depending on the desired use of hazelnuts, there are several different types available. European hazelnuts (also known as filberts) are typically rounder in shape than other varieties and they have a thick but brittle shell that is easy to open. The Italian variety has an elongated shape and thin shell that is less brittle than European varieties. Turkish hazelnuts tend to be larger than their European counterparts and boast a sweeter flavor profile. With Torg's expansive supplier database, finding reputable wholesale suppliers for any type of hazelnut is fast and easy.

What Are Hazelnuts Used For?

The uses for hazelnuts vary greatly depending on what product is being produced. Bakers often use them as crunchy toppings or mix them into doughs while confectioners may turn them into pralines or chocolate bars. In savory recipes they are used as garnishes or added to sauces like pesto or romesco. Hazelnuts oil is also popular among chefs due to its nutty flavor which pairs well with many dishes - especially vegetables! No matter what kind of product you're looking for, Torg can help you find the perfect wholesale supplier tailored to your business needs.

How Can I Source Quality Hazelnut Products?

There are several steps involved when it comes to sourcing high quality hazelnut products from trusted suppliers worldwide - especially if you operate in a B2B setting where large quantities must be purchased regularly at competitive prices. With Torg's extensive supplier database punctuated by advanced filtering capabilities buyers can quickly connect with relevant suppliers that meet their specific criteria - including location, price point and more!

What Regulations Should I Consider Before Purchasing Hazelnut Products?

Depending on where you're located geographically there may be certain regulations around importing food products such as hazelnuts - particularly when it comes to issues such as labeling requirements or health standards compliance measures that need to be taken into consideration before going ahead with any orders. By utilizing Torg's private label services buyers will receive assistance throughout all stages of product procurement ensuring that all regulations are met without compromising quality or efficiency standards set by their businesses!

Explore Hazelnut Suppliers in the Mediterranean

  1. Spain: Spain is known for its rich history, culture and gastronomy. It's one of the world's leading producers of hazelnuts, with a variety of different suppliers catering to both local and international demand. As part of the Mediterranean region, Torg can help you find reliable suppliers for hazelnuts. From private label to wholesale sourcing, Torg can assist you in finding the perfect supplier for your needs.
  2. Italy: Italy is a country steeped in tradition when it comes to food production – particularly when it comes to hazelnuts! Not only are they one of Europe’s most prolific producers of these delicious nuts, but Italian suppliers offer an unmatched level of expertise which sets them apart from other countries. With Torg’s comprehensive list of Italian suppliers available at your fingertips, sourcing top-quality hazelnuts has never been easier.
  3. Greece: Greece is renowned across the world for its fresh produce – especially when it comes to hazelnuts! The mild climate and fertile soils make it ideal for growing this nut in abundance throughout the year – making Greek hazelnut products some of the highest quality that money can buy! With Torg’s extensive selection of Greek suppliers, sourcing outstanding quality is no longer a challenge.
  4. Turkey: Turkey is famous for its unique take on traditional recipes and its use of high-quality ingredients – such as hazelnuts! This country has some exceptional growers who supply excellent varieties suitable for all kinds of uses; whether you need private label or bulk orders, Turkish growers have what you need at competitive prices. Let Torg help you locate trustworthy Turkish providers who are ready to meet your demands!