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Creative Uses of Arabic Coffee

  1. Beverage: Arabic coffee is a popular drink in many Middle Eastern countries. It also has become quite popular in the western world as well. This dark, aromatic, and slightly sweet brew is served either hot or cold and can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or with dessert. It can even be used as a base for cocktails like an espresso martini.
  2. Cooking Ingredient: For those looking to bring unique flavors into their cooking repertoire, Arabic coffee is a great choice for adding depth and complexity to dishes like stews, marinades, rice dishes, baked goods, and more. Its roasty aroma pairs well with both savory and sweet recipes alike that will truly impress your dinner guests.
  3. Cosmetic/Chocolate Ingredient: Additionally, Arabic coffee makes for great addition to cosmetic products like creams and scrubs due to its natural antioxidants which help promote healthy skin. These same antioxidants also give it its intense flavor profile which makes it perfect for use in chocolates or truffles as well!

Recent Buying Trends for Arabic Coffee

  1. Increasing Demand: The demand for Arabic Coffee has steadily increased over the last few decades. This is due to its unique flavor and its cultural importance in many countries in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. B2B suppliers have seen an increase in demand as well, with more businesses looking to purchase large quantities of high quality Arabic Coffee from experienced wholesalers. Private label options have also grown in popularity among retailers who wish to offer their own branded product lines.
  2. Organic & Specialty Boom: With more and more people becoming aware of the potential health benefits associated with consuming coffee, there has been a surge in sales of organic and specialty varieties such as Arabic Coffee. This is particularly true in Europe, where cafés are increasingly offering premium grade arabica beans with special blends sourced from around the region for customers seeking higher quality coffee experiences.

Supply Chain Issues Facing Arabic Coffee

  1. Supply Chain Issues: Coffee trading is a highly complex, global process which has seen its fair share of supply chain issues. From the unethical practices of coffee bean collectors in South America to farmer's lack of access to finance in Africa, these issues have been impacting the industry for decades. Coffee rust, a fungal disease that can devastate entire harvests and disrupt supply chains across the world, is still a major issue facing producers today. Poor post-harvest handling and storage techniques have also led to significant losses in production quantity and quality. The more recent pandemic has exacerbated many existing issues as well as introducing new ones such as increased labor costs and decreased customer demand.