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At Torg you can find an extensive selection of fresh fruits sourced from all over the world. Our platform makes it easy to find b2b fruit suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe, Mediterranean and other potential markets. We provide access to wholesale and private label products with competitive pricing rates and great quality assurance. No matter what type of fruits you are looking for – Torg is your ultimate source for fruit sourcing!

Capture a close-up of vibrant and colorful fruits, sourced from b2b suppliers around Europe or Mediterranean. Showcase the variety of seasonal fruits that Torg offers for their customers.

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Buying Trends In The Fruits Category

  1. Rising Demand Worldwide: In the last decade, there has been a substantial increase in demand for fruits worldwide. This can be attributed to rising health consciousness, increased awareness about the nutritional benefits of adding fruits to one’s diet, as well as growing consumer preference for organic and locally sourced produce. B2B buyers from Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean are increasingly turning towards Torg’s marketplace for sourcing quality fruit suppliers with wholesale and private label options.
  2. Increasing Preference For Exotic Fruits: As consumers become more health conscious and nutrition focused, they are demanding higher quality fresh fruits and healthier products with natural ingredients. This has resulted in an increased demand for exotic and specialty fruits such as kiwis, dragonfruit, passionfruit, durian etc. that have unique flavors. B2B buyers looking to source these items from international markets can easily find reliable suppliers on Torg’s platform.
  3. Price Fluctuations Due To Pandemic Implications: The global pandemic has had a massive impact on supply chains all over the world leading to price fluctuations across various food categories including fruits. This has led to a decrease in purchasing power among buyers who now look towards marketplaces like Torg which offers competitive prices for high-quality fruit products at wholesale rates while providing access to reliable suppliers from different parts of the world.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is the most common type of packaging used for b2b distribution of fruit products. It features large quantities of fruits packed in a single box or container, which can be customized according to the buyer's requirements. Bulk packaging offers great convenience and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for buyers sourcing for large amounts of produce.
  2. Plastic Crates: Plastic crates are also quite popular in the b2b fruit products market, as they offer better protection than cardboard boxes and make handling easier due to their ergonomic design. They provide enough space for different types of fruits and can be stacked on top of each other to save space while transporting them from one place to another.
  3. Pre-Packed Bags: Pre-packed bags are a great way to keep fruits fresh before delivery. These bags usually contain a predetermined quantity of fruits with details printed on them regarding the product variety, origin and shelf life. This allows buyers to easily discern between different types of produce and its quality without having to open each bag manually.