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Looking for a reliable supplier of fruit snacks? Torg is your go-to source for quality b2b products from all over Europe, Asia and beyond. Our vast selection of wholesalers, private label options and sourcing solutions guarantee that you will find what you need at the right price. From Mediterranean specialties like Spanish olives to Asian favorites such as mangoes and lychees, our fruit snacks range from healthy treats to indulgent snack mixes. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees so you know exactly what you're getting – every time!

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Recent Supply Chain Issues Impacting Fruit Snack Sourcing

  1. Extreme Weather Events & Geopolitical Conflict: In the past few decades, food supply chains have been disrupted by a variety of factors such as extreme weather events, geopolitical conflict, pandemics, and labor shortages. Climate change has caused an increase in extreme heat waves, floods, droughts and other unpredictable weather patterns that can cause disruption to the global food system. Political instability in countries such as Syria has also led to a decline in production of certain types of agricultural products. A major outbreak of a virus like COVID-19 can not only impact the production process but also disrupt transportation networks for goods. In addition to these issues, labor shortages around the world are causing problems for many producers who depend on workers to carry out their operations.
  2. Long & Complex Supply Chains: Globalization has made it easier for food to be sourced from different countries around the world and this often leads to long and complex supply chains that can be vulnerable to disruption. As more companies rely on international shipping or outsourcing their production needs, there is an increased risk of breakdowns at any point along the chain which can lead to delays or shortages in goods reaching consumers. This is especially true when dealing with perishable items like fruit snacks which require careful handling and quick delivery times.