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Are you looking to buy Fruit Concentrate? Look no further than Torg! We are a leading b2b marketplace that features a huge selection of quality Fruit Concentrate from suppliers all over Europe. We offer wholesale and private label options to fit your needs and will provide you with reliable sourcing solutions for any type of product. Whether it’s Olive Oil, Paella, Risotto, Rice, Vegan Beef, Flavoured Oil, Vitamin or Vinegar - we have it all!

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Creative Uses for Fruit Concentrate

  1. Sweet Topping: Fruit concentrate is an excellent way to add a subtle but sweet flavor to your favorite dishes. One example is creating a simple yet delicious topping for your ice cream or frozen yogurt. Simply mix fruit concentrate with some heavy cream, and whip until light and fluffy. This makes it the perfect addition to any summer dessert.
  2. Savory Marinade: Fruit concentrate can also be used in savory dishes as well. Create an amazing marinade by mixing together fruit concentrate, olive oil, garlic, and herbs for a simple yet delightful flavor that will make all of your guests beg for more. This marinade can be used on almost any type of meat or vegetable dish you can think of!
  3. Fruity Popsicles: If you’re looking for a fun way to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, try out this fun recipe using fruit concentrate! Mix together equal parts concentrated fruit juice and granulated sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat until fully dissolved. Then pour into popsicle molds and let freeze overnight. These fruity popsicles are sure to please adults and children alike!

Related products and categories

  1. Fruit Concentrate Syrup: Fruit concentrate syrup provides a concentrated flavor and sweetness for recipes, without adding a lot of calories. It is a great choice for consumers looking for a healthier option than sugar. It is also an ideal choice for food manufacturers who want to create products with more natural flavors.
  2. Frozen Fruit Purée: Frozen fruit purée is another great alternative to sugar for those who are looking to reduce their calorie intake or add natural flavors to their products. It can be used in many different recipes, from smoothies and desserts to sauces and cereals. The frozen purées are already concentrated in flavor and preserve the nutrients that fruits have due to the freezing process.
  3. Dried Fruits: Dried fruits are a convenient option when it comes to adding sweet and flavorful ingredients into recipes or meals. They provide essential vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber that can help improve digestion and overall health. They can easily replace fresh fruit in some dishes or be used as toppings on salads, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.
  4. Fruit Juices & Nectars: Juices and nectars are other options when it comes to adding flavor and sweetness without using sugar or artificial sweeteners. They also provide vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies’ daily functioning, plus they offer antioxidants that can help support our immune system functioning too! Perfect choice for companies interested in private label production of beverages enriched with real fruit juice taste!
  5. Canned Fruits & Vegetables: Canned fruits and vegetables offer convenience when it comes to sourcing raw materials from suppliers around the world while making sure there's no lack of quality due to seasonality issues or long transportation times involved between the source country/region (e.g., Spain) and final destination country (e.g., Europe). This makes them an ideal choice for b2b buyers looking for reliable supply chain solutions – having canned ready product on hand at all times means no need to worry about seasonal scarcity!

Exploring the Fruit Concentrate Scene Around the World

  1. Spain: Located in the Mediterranean, Spain is world-renowned for its rich history in cultivating and selling fruit concentrate. Spanish suppliers are among some of the best when it comes to quality and price. With Torg, buyers can easily find and compare different suppliers offering fruit concentrate from all over Spain. Whether you’re looking for private label products or bulk orders, Torg has you covered with suppliers from Andalusia in the south to Galicia in the north.
  2. Italy: Home to a variety of delicious foods, Italy is also a major producer of fruit concentrate. Italian fruits have an excellent reputation around the world for their flavor and quality, which makes sourcing good concentrate a breeze. With Torg’s help, buyers can quickly find reliable suppliers across Italy that specialize in whatever type of product they need - including organic options and private labeling services.
  3. Greece: Greece is known for its incredible range of fruit concentrates made by local producers who take pride in their craftsmanship. There are many different types of Greek concentrate on offer - from traditional recipes to modern variations - all using top quality ingredients sourced from nearby farms. Thanks to Torg’s network of b2b suppliers across Greece, customers can access a plethora of different options and get competitive quotes fast.
  4. Portugal: The Portuguese produce some truly outstanding fruit concentrates that are enjoyed by people around the world. Suppliers throughout Portugal are able to offer buyers amazing value as well as unique flavors thanks to their experience and expertise in this field. Whether you’re looking for wholesale orders or just one product, Torg can help connect you with reliable Portuguese suppliers who can provide everything you need at unbeatable prices!