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Torg is the perfect destination for buyers seeking to find quality Filling & Packaging products from different parts of the world. Our b2b marketplace connects you with international suppliers in Europe, Mediterranean area, and beyond – allowing businesses to get great value out of their sourcing and packaging needs. With our platform, you can browse an immense selection of products in all kinds of food categories while keeping up with industry trends.

Capture a vibrant and colorful image of food products related to the Filling & Packaging category, such as cans, bottles, boxes or any other packaging material. Showcase the variety of suppliers in Europe or Mediterranean area who provide private label solutions and supply businesses with wholesale products.

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Recent Supply Chain Issues in Filling & Packaging

  1. Supply Chain Disruptions: The food industry is particularly vulnerable to supply chain issues, such as those related to transportation, storage and safety. Recently, due to COVID-19-related border closures, unpredictable weather patterns, and demand spikes, many companies have had their supply chains disrupted. This has made it difficult for them to source ingredients and packaging materials needed for the production of products. Additionally, private label suppliers have had difficulties finding reliable b2b partners across different markets in Europe and Mediterranean countries.
  2. Transportation Delays: Transportation delays remain a major issue within the global supply chain landscape. It can be difficult for suppliers to deliver goods on time if there are disruptions along the route or due to unforeseen circumstances like adverse weather conditions. Logistics providers must be able to quickly adjust their routes in order to keep deliveries on schedule. Furthermore, suppliers need a reliable way of tracking their shipments so that buyers can plan accordingly for delays or changes in delivery times.

3 Examples of Usage of Filling & Packaging Products

  1. : Fast food restaurants often require packaging for their products. With Torg's B2B platform, they can find wholesalers and suppliers in Europe offering a wide range of filling and packaging products such as paper boxes, plastic containers, waxed boxes and other food wrapping materials tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, the private label option available at Torg allows fast food restaurants to add branding elements to the product packaging that will help them stand out from the competition.
  2. Fast Food Restaurants:
  3. : For businesses operating in confectionery industries, finding reliable filling and packaging suppliers is essential. At Torg, businesses can quickly source all sorts of confectionery supplies such as candy wrappers, chocolate boxes or plastic bags for luxury chocolates. With Torg’s large selection of worldwide suppliers offering different quality levels and customizations possibilities, businesses can easily find the most suitable products for their needs while keeping costs down.
  4. Confectionery Businesses:
  5. : Retail stores are always looking for innovative ways to package their goods so as to attract customers' attention. On Torg's platform retailers have access to a great variety of filling and packaging solutions such as wooden gift boxes, printed paper bags or cardboard tubes perfect for displaying items in an eye-catching way. The private label option offered by some international suppliers allows retailers to customize their packaging with logos or any other branding element adding value to their product mix..
  6. Retail Stores: