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filotea experience soc. coop. logo
Filotea experience soc. coop.
Filotea is a small company, located in the heart of the Marche, which produces pasta according to local traditions. Achieving an excellent taste is the absolute priority of Filotea and, for this reason, the production of pasta is not only based on meticulous processing methods, but also on the careful monitoring of all stages of preparation, starting from the choice of flour, of durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs.
Durum wheat semolinas
Fresh eggs
Whole durum wheat pasta
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Italy Via Primo Maggio, 56 - Ancona
Certificates: All
Fette di Sole Srl logo
Fette di sole srl
"Discover high-quality products made with 100% love for Sardinia, sourced from the best local grains, ensuring top-notch quality. Our certified supply chain guarantees the origin and traceability of each production step. Our project 'Ercole Punto Zero' supports local farmers in cultivating the best local seeds, promoting Sardinian cereal farming, boosting the regional economy, and creating opportunities for the youth. Join us in valuing and supporting our Sardinian farmers!"
Durum wheat pasta
Durum wheat flours
Durum wheat penne
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Italy Via La Maddalena - Loc. Cirras - Santa Giusta
Certificates: All
Macè srl logo
Macè srl
Molini Pivetti offers a wide range of high-quality flours for professionals and home use, with a focus on sustainability and respect for nature. Their special pizza flour line is ideal for various pizza styles, including Neapolitan, Roman, and Emilian, with options for different dough types and leavening times. Check out their specialized flours like Nafavola 270 for direct dough and 10-26 hours leavening, Nafavola 320 for thick crusts and 26-72 hours rise, and Sorbole for light and crispy Emilian pizza.
Durum wheat semolinas
Bread flours
Wheat germ
Italy Via Prampolini 32/A - Terre del Reno
Certificates: All
Molino Magri S.r.l. logo
Molino magri s.r.l.
Molino Magri, founded in 1929, is an Italian mill that produces a wide range of high-quality flours and special blends for baking, pizza making, pastry, and the industry. They offer a variety of products such as flours for baking and pizza, pastry mixes, pasta flours, and innovative solutions like Route 36 flour. Their products cater to both national and international customers, meeting all baking needs. Visit their website for the latest news and events!
Durum wheat pasta
Durum wheat flours
Nut flours
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Italy Strada Mantova, 13 - Marmirolo (MN)
Certificates: All

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