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At Torg you can find a wide selection of high-quality concentrates from suppliers around the world. Whether you need to source something in Europe, Mediterranean countries or elsewhere, we have everything you need in one place. We offer certified products that meet all food safety standards as well as private label options for those who require it. Our online marketplace helps buyers find relevant suppliers quickly and efficiently - making sure that they get exactly what they are looking for at an unbeatable price.

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Recent Buying Trends of Concentrates

  1. : In the past few decades, there has been a rising trend of b2b suppliers sourcing concentrates from various parts of the world. This includes areas such as the Mediterranean, Europe and countries such as Spain and Italy, which are known for their high quality food products. Furthermore, private label products have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing buyers to label their bought products with their own brand.
  2. Global Sourcing Trend:
  3. : Wholesale buying of concentrates is on the rise due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to other sources like supermarkets or retail stores. This has led to a surge in demand for cheaper prices from suppliers around the globe. Additionally, manufacturers are now offering more customised concentrate products tailored towards specific customer demands.
  4. Cost Efficiency & Customisation Trend:

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is an economical way to purchase food products in large quantities. This type of packaging is typically used for large orders from wholesalers and suppliers. It is ideal for private label manufacturing as well as for businesses that need a large quantity of a specific product at one time.
  2. Individual Packaging: Individual packaging is perfect for smaller orders, making it easier to transport and store food products. It is also advantageous if you want to offer your customers a wide variety of different types of food products. This type of packaging can be used for retail purposes or when ordering small quantities from suppliers.
  3. Pouch Packaging: Pouch packaging is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience. The pouch design allows the food product to stay fresh without having to use additional preservatives. It also reduces waste by eliminating the need for extra plastic or paper containers that are often needed with other forms of packaging. This method is great if you’re looking for an alternative form of packaging that has sustainability benefits as well as cost savings, especially when ordering in bulk quantities from a supplier or manufacturer.

Related products and categories

  1. Olive Oil: Concentrates are often used to add flavor to olive oil, so it's a natural fit for this product category. Additionally, many suppliers offer private label and wholesale options for bulk purchases of concentrated olive oil, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to buy in quantity.
  2. Paella: Concentrates can be used as a flavoring element in paella recipes, either replacing or supplementing traditional spices like saffron and paprika. It is also possible to find supplier offering private label and wholesale options for concentrated paella mixes, perfect for businesses looking to save time while preparing meals for their customers.
  3. Risotto: Concentrates can provide additional savory flavorings that are essential for creating delicious risotto dishes. Many suppliers provide private label and wholesale options on concentrate mixes that can help reduce prep time when serving up large quantities of the dish.
  4. Rice: Concentrate can be used as a flavoring agent when cooking rice dishes, allowing chefs to quickly season large batches of the grain with minimal effort. Additionally, many suppliers offer private label and wholesale options on concentrate mixes specifically designed for use with rice dishes.
  5. Vegan Beef: Concentrate mixtures are commonly used in vegan beef recipes as a way of seasoning and adding depth of flavor without relying on animal products or byproducts. Many suppliers offer private label and wholesale option on concentrate mixes specifically designed for vegan beef preparations, making them an ideal choice for restaurants looking to pursue plant-based menu items without sacrificing taste or texture.