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Look no further than Torg for your chilli needs! When it comes to sourcing delicious, high-quality chilli for your business, we have just what you're looking for. Our comprehensive b2b marketplace features a wide variety of international suppliers who offer everything from traditional recipes to innovative new flavours. With us, you can find the perfect chilli option in no time – whether that’s olive oil infused with spicy red pepper or mild green jalapenos.

Capture the vibrancy and heat of chilli peppers in a unique way. Showcase all the colors, shapes and sizes that can be found. Focus on the textures and details to really bring it to life.

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Unlock the Nutritional Power of Chilis with Torg's B2B Suppliers Across Europe and Beyond

  1. Nutritional Benefits: Chilis are packed with vitamin C, which helps maintain a healthy immune system and can aid in the prevention of chronic diseases. They are also an excellent source of vitamin A, providing essential nutrients for eye health. Additionally, chilis contain high levels of magnesium, potassium and iron, making them great for heart health. Furthermore, they provide dietary fibre to improve digestion and aid in weight loss.
  2. Health Benefits: Chilis contain capsaicin which is responsible for their spiciness. This compound offers anti-inflammatory benefits and has been linked to aiding digestive issues as well as helping relieve pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Capsaicin may also help reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels, thus contributing to cardiovascular health maintenance.

Unlocking Business Opportunities Across the Globe for Chilli Suppliers

  1. Spain: Spice up your buying experience with Torg and explore chilli suppliers from Spain! With a rich history and culture, Spain offers a diverse range of chilli varieties that you can source for your business. Through Torg, buyers can easily connect with local suppliers in the Spanish regions of Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia, and Extremadura. With our comprehensive b2b marketplace platform, you can get quick access to top-tier quality chilli products from reliable suppliers across the country. Don't forget to consider private-label options too for an even more customized selection!
  2. Italy: Hop on board with Torg and discover high-grade chilli products sourced directly from Italy! This beautiful country is home to many traditional food products that have evolved over centuries - including a variety of unique chilli flavors. Whether it's dried chillies or fresh peppers, you'll find plenty of options via our platform. Popular regions for sourcing include Abruzzo, Calabria, Sicily and Puglia - consistently producing some of the best quality ingredients available in Europe. Wholesale opportunities are also abundant here - so don’t hesitate to browse through our selection today!
  3. Morocco: Turn up the heat with premium grade chillis from Morocco! This North African nation is blessed with ideal climate conditions for growing chili peppers - making it a great choice for businesses looking to buy large quantities at wholesale prices. Some popular varieties offered through Torg include Douja (a type of bell pepper), Harissa (a spicy paste made from ground chilis) and Ras el Hanout (an aromatic spice blend). With such an extensive selection available within our platform buyers are sure to find exactly what they need quickly and efficiently!
  4. India: Kick start your sourcing journey with and uncover some incredible deals on Indian Chillis! Home to countless flavours & spices , India has always been known as a powerhouse when it comes to food production - especially when it comes to chili peppers ! Through Torg’s B2B marketplace buyers can now access speciality grade chilis from popular areas such as Punjab , Goa & Kerala . Private label options are also available here so be sure to browse through our platform and take advantage of all the amazing deals we have in store !