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anur halal food logo
Anur halal food
Anur Halal Food has been an established and renowned name in the halal market for over 25 years, both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. At Anur we sell premium halal products in both ethnic and western retail, as well as in the foodservice channel. We stand for: Anur Halal Food: Food For All Anur Halal Food is the distinguished specialist and market leader in fresh, frozen and ambient products in the Netherlands and abroad! n addition to our 25 years’ reputation in the Netherlands and Europe, we are a well-known and highly appreciated brand in Turkey and Morocco. After the great flow of labor migrants from these countries, Anur Halal Food was founded in 1994 by the son of a Turkish labor migrant. This to meet the increasing demand for halal products in the Netherlands. Already In 2006, Anur Halal Food, as a pioneer with the Wahid brand, opened the doors to Western retail. Within this rapidly growing even boosting market we have managed to gain a strong, rather indispensable position.
Chilled & fresh food
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Ready meals
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Netherlands Nijverheidstraat 15 - GW Giessen
agricollibio s.r.l logo
Agricollibio s.r.l
We are a multiethnic team specialized in producing and trading fresh and dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Since 2013 we have had a rapid growth through the import-export markets, promoting products cultivated in the respect of the territory and the environment and following all the principles for an ethic and organic production.
Fresh fruit salad
Fresh grapefruits
Fresh strawberries
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Italy Via Fontana Acquaviva - Sezze - Latina
Certificates: All
sill entreprises logo
Sill entreprises
HOW AND WHY WE ARE EXPERTS IN THE UHT PROCESS By 1980 the process of UHT conservation was becoming more widespread. Most industrial dairies of the time were building UHT plants as did SILL … market competition was fierce. But Gilles Falc’hun had an idea. For the past dozen years, dairies in Northern Europe had already been using their expertise in UHT techniques to process fruit juice. So SILL branched into fruit juices and then, three years later, into soups. This foresight enabled the company to overcome the economic crisis that arose as a result of European milk quotas imposed by Brussels in the mid-80s. In 1982, Henri Léon caught the enthusiasm of his older cousin and joined the company. LOOKING AHEAD AND DIVERSIFYING Gilles Falc’hun may be ready to admit that milk runs in his veins, but Henri Léon insists that he must have fallen in the pot as a baby. With a shared passion for the company and for their work, the two men gathered a close-knit team around them that was fully involved in growing the company, energising SILL with real dynamism. The next step was towards international markets, particularly in Asia, with new premises opening in Singapore in 1998. The time had also come for SILL to look beyond milk production and branch out into new business. A new, strategic branding policy was therefore adopted. After frozen ready meals in the mid-90s, SILL diversified into ultra-fresh products, acquiring high value-added companies such as Le Gall, Malo and Le Petit Basque dairies – and branched into petit fours with Primel Traiteur.
Frozen food
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France Le Raden - Plouvien
Certificates: All
rehm fleischwaren gmbh logo
Rehm fleischwaren gmbh
Quality starts with the raw material. Respect for food is our most important concern. We obtain our raw materials from slaughterhouses and certified suppliers who enjoy our trust. However, this trust is not given as a gift - we are fully committed to our Swabian thriftiness. We have the highest demands on our products and thus on our raw materials. We choose our partners carefully, and our long-standing, trusting supplier relationships prove how much we care about this point. Nothing goes into our sausage that has not first undergone a professional inspection by trained butchers and master butchers during our incoming goods inspection. This means that we can always guarantee the best raw material quality for our products.
Sausage meat
Cheese snack
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Germany Waldstraße 42 - Aichwald

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