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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of quality baking mixes? Look no further! Torg is your go-to destination for all your b2b baking mix needs. We provide a large selection of wholesale, private label or bulk baking mixes from suppliers across Europe and the Mediterranean. Our platform makes it easy to find relevant suppliers fast and facilitates quick comparison of offers. Whether you are looking for simple ingredients such as flour or pre-made mixtures such as cake mix, you will surely find something that meets your requirements here!

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Looking for premium baking mix options? Torg has got you covered! From Spain to Italy, Europe to the Mediterranean, our platform offers a wide range of b2b suppliers for all your wholesale and private label needs. Check out our selection of delicious baking mixes - perfect for your next culinary masterpiece. No people, just deliciousness!

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smart organic ad logo
Smart organic ad
Smart Organic offers a range of organic, vegan, and raw superfoods with no added sugar or gluten. Roobar, Dragon Superfoods, Bettr Snacks, Kookie Cat, and Rookies are some of the brands under Smart Organic, providing products like protein bars, superfood bars, snacks, cookies, nut butter cups, and more. Smart Cycle, a project of Smart Organic, focuses on ecofriendly packaging with biodegradable and compostable bags and paper straws. Experience guiltfree snacking and tasty treats with Smart Organic's variety of delicious and healthy options.
Energy bars
Protein bar
Chocolate cereal bars
Rice snack
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Bulgaria Damyanitsa 6 - 1619
Certificates: All
polskie mlyny logo
Polskie mlyny
draws on the experience of over 100 years of tradition. The oldest mill, in Nakło, started operating in 1904. Our first cereal products were exceptionally popular among the inhabitants of Kujawy. Młyny Szymanów and Kluczbork can also boast a similar experience, thanks to which products under the name Polskie Młyny and Szymanów have won the hearts of all Poles. Polskie Młyny sp. z o. o. is the largest Polish flour producer, and Mąka Szymanowska is the most frequently chosen packaged flour in Poland. Respect for bread, so deeply rooted in Polish tradition, is our greatest obligation and source of inspiration. Therefore, we treat flour and all products made from it with the utmost care. Attention to the quality and taste of our products is the foundation of our business. We want the tradition and experience gained over the century of our activity to be visible in each of our products.
Frozen pasta
Fresh pasta
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Poland [email protected] - warsaw
Certificates: All
borghini s.r.l. logo
Borghini s.r.l.
40 YEARS in Business, Borghini is now a modern Company based in the town of Arezzo in Tuscany ITALY. Specialized in the creation of ready dehydrated preparation & mixes, result of a profound Italian gastronomic tradition.... Born as an importer of spices&herbs and dried fruits counting over 40 years of activity, Borghini has developed his creative means by mixing, matching and turning simple raw materials in fundamental ingredients for preparations of high added value recipes. Among the categories we produce in house we have: Spices, herbs, dried fruits, legumes, cereals, and dehydrated ready meals that express the richness of Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Our extensive product line includes high-quality dried fruits and ingredients for the Foodservice and retail channels, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste, making every meal a delightful experience. thank you By "FDL" - Export Management Associate -- "Boosting your Business"
Blanched roasted hazelnuts
Dried fruit
Powdered saffron
White rice
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Italy Via T. Edison 27, 29, 29B - arezzo
Certificates: All
rodoula s.a. logo
Rodoula s.a.
Products: Bread, baked goods and spreads Bread (fresh, frozen, partly-baked) Wheat Bread Mixed wheat bread Wholemeal wheat bread Special bread Other bread types Baking mixes Small baked rolls Rolls Pretzels Bagels Muffins Croissants/ice-cream wafers Other small baked goods Fine baked goods Pyramid cake Sponge cake-based baked goods Sponge cake Puff pastry products Cakes Tarts Other fine baked goods Long-life baked goods Biscuits and crackers Soda dough products Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen baked goods Frozen tarts Frozen cakes Frozen bread and rolls Frozen small pastries Frozen savoury baked goods Other frozen baked goods Product sector: Frozen Food Trend subjects: Convenience & Snacking
Baking mix
Frozen ready-made meals
Frozen egg rolls
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Greece 55 Zalokosta - Agrileza Acharnes
Certificates: All

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