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Are you looking for high-quality animal fat for your business? Torg is the leading B2B food products marketplace in Europe offering an unbeatable selection of quality animal fats sourced from across the Mediterranean and Spain. We understand that finding the right product at the right price can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. Our team of experienced professionals can assist with all aspects of sourcing, private labeling and wholesale purchasing on a global scale.

Capture a photograph that shows fresh animal fat from the supplier's source. Focus on the texture and colors of the product, emphasize how it can be used in different dishes. Make sure to include keywords such as b2b, supplier, sourcing, wholesale, private label and location names such as Spain, Italy, Europe or Mediterranean.

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Packaging Options

  1. Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are a popular and convenient packaging option for animal fat products, as they come in many different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for many b2b buyers. They also provide excellent protection for the product, ensuring it is not damaged during transportation.
  2. Drums: Drums are another great packaging option for animal fat products, as they offer extra protection to keep the product free from contamination or damage. For bulk orders of animal fats, drums are more cost effective than other packages due to their large capacity. Additionally, drums can be sealed tightly to avoid spilling or leaking during transportation.
  3. Cartons: Cartons are another common packaging option for b2b buyers to source animal fat products since they offer flexibility in terms of size and shape. They also provide extra protection against external impacts while preserving the freshness and quality of the product inside. Furthermore, carton packaging is an economical choice when compared to other options.
  4. Pails: Pails are a perfect solution for suppliers looking to transport bulk amounts of animal fat products with convenience and security. Pails have tight lids that protect the contents from contamination and external impacts while providing superior insulation which keeps the product safe at all times from extreme temperatures or moisture levels. Additionally, pails require less space than drums so they allow suppliers to save on shipping costs as well.

Buying Trends in Animal Fats

  1. Growing Demand: Animal fat has been a major market for b2b buyers and suppliers across the world. Over the last few decades, the global demand for animal fat products has increased drastically due to its various uses in food production, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications. In Europe and North America, where there is a large presence of vegan consumers, animal fat is still sought after by chefs and butchers for its unique flavor. In countries such as Spain or Italy, which boast some of the highest quality olive oils on earth, animal fat is an integral part of Mediterranean cooking. Moreover, suppliers from these countries are providing private label solutions to buyers all over the world in both small and large quantities.
  2. Sustainability & Technology: Looking at current trends in animal fats sourcing shows that there is a shift towards plant-based products as well as sustainable sources of supply. Many companies are developing new technologies to help reduce their environmental impact whilst still producing high-quality goods. This includes using renewable energy sources for production and transportation of materials as well as reducing their emissions output. Additionally, modern processing techniques have allowed food producers to create new types of fat alternatives with improved nutritional values compared to traditional animal fats.