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L'insalata dell'orto S.r.l. - Gambarare di Mira (VE) logo
L'insalata dell'orto s.r.l. - gambarare di mira (ve)
The vegetable garden salad is born from the encounter between a passion and an idea. The passion is that for the land, which for 3 generations has led our family to devote themselves to the cultivation of salads and vegetables. The idea is the one that in 1990 led us to expand production to greenhouse cultivation, then dedicating ourselves to the processing and packaging of horticultural products.
Fresh alfalfa sprouts
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Italy Via Giare, 144/A - Gambarare di Mira (VE)
Certificates: All
Leasa Industries Co., Inc. logo
Leasa industries co., inc.
Leasa Industries Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of products including bean sprouts, specialty sprouts, fresh cut vegetables, and a famous soy line. Their products range from stir fry vegetable mix to caramelized shallots, each designed to add delicious flavor and nutrition to your meals. Explore their nutrient-packed broccoli sprouts, crisp alfalfa sprouts, and delightful bean sprouts to elevate your salads, sandwiches, and Asian-inspired dishes. Enhance your cooking with their premium stir-fry mix and rich pearl onions shallots. Leasa is dedicated to providing high-quality products that not only taste great but also nourish your body and mind. Join them on a culinary exploration today!
Fresh mixed vegetables
Fresh vegetables
Alfalfa sprouts
Fresh alfalfa sprouts
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USA 2450 NW 76th Street - Miami
Certificates: All
De Peuleschil B.V. logo
De peuleschil b.v.
The company offers organic sprouting seeds that can be ordered through their website. They also supply to wholesalers and resellers. With a focus on biologically grown products, they specialize in a variety of seed sprouting options such as alfalfa, broccoli, radish, and Chinese leek sprouts. As pioneers in the Dutch market, they are transitioning to solely packaging sprouting seeds by January 2024, showcasing their dedication to quality and innovation in the industry.
Alfalfa sprouts
Canned sprouts
Netherlands Kompagnonswei 38 - Rottevalle
Certificates: All
germ line logo
Germ line
Founded in 1994, Germ’line has become over the years the leader on organic fresh sprouted seeds' production on the French market. Germ'line's 3 core values are very simple: PERFECTING nature's bounty, PROTECTING the original benefits of each product, RESTORING their natural qualities as faithfully as possible. Sprouting is a 100% natural process, which nutritional benefits are various and well-known. While a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical exerice are important, sprouted seeds are a valuable response to some issue related to our modern way of life. Germ'line, we simply give nature the perfect conditions and let it do what it does best. If any processing is required, it's designed and performed using the gentlest soft technology and processes. In this way, the product's original qualities are kept as intact as possible. We put all our enthousiasm, inflexible compliance with standards, and know-how into developing, producing and marketing a full range of delicious and diversified products of the highest quality delivering the outstanding benefits thats only sprouting can provide. Produced with environmentally-friendly methods, our products are using exclusively ingredients produced organically. They undergo strict quality inspections carried out by an independant body, and are certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01. In addition, in-house systematic microbiological and food safety controls are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process, accorting to criteria that go far beyond the regulatory requirements. Today, Germl'ine is the only producer to offer such a wide range of sprouted products. It does this by relying on the know-how and expertise it has acquired year after year.
Dried seeds
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France Les Grivelles - Sancoins

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