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Are you looking for a reliable Agent supplier? Look no further than Torg! We offer the best b2b deals in sourcing, wholesale and private label food products from all over Spain, Italy and Europe. With our large selection of top quality Agent suppliers you can get what you need quickly and at competitive prices.

Capture a photograph of the sun setting over a Mediterranean coastline, with a boat carrying goods from local suppliers in the distance. Use the colors and shapes to create an eye-catching image that emphasizes the importance of sourcing quality agents for b2b wholesale and private label transactions.

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Recent Supply Chain Issues

  1. Trade War Between China and U.S.: One of the most recent supply chain issues is the trade war between China and the United States. This conflict has caused disruption in global supply chains, as tariffs have been implemented on hundreds of billions of dollars in goods produced in both countries. As a result, companies around the world are spending more time and money to source their materials and components from different countries to avoid being affected by tariffs.
  2. Brexit: Another issue that has impacted global supply chains is Brexit. The UK's exit from the European Union has led to confusion over which rules should be followed for certain imports and exports, resulting in delays as companies work out how best to move goods across borders. This uncertainty has also led to higher costs due to increased paperwork requirements and other complexities associated with trading between Britain and Europe.

Buying Trends in Agent Category

  1. Increase in B2B Solutions: In recent years, the agent category has seen a steady increase in sales due to the rise of b2b solutions for food products. Suppliers from Spain and Italy are particularly popular amongst buyers seeking out wholesalers and private label solutions from the Mediterranean region. This is likely due to the quality of ingredients and range of flavors available in these countries.
  2. Increasing Popularity of Convenience Foods: Over the last decade, convenience foods such as snacks mixes have become increasingly popular worldwide. This trend has led to an increased demand for agents who can source high-quality products at competitive prices. Private label suppliers have also become more sought after as buyers seek to differentiate their offerings from competitors'.

Different Uses of Agents in the Food Industry

  1. : Agents are an essential part of the food industry, providing a range of services from sourcing ingredients to selling products. From sourcing olive oil or paella for a restaurant to finding private label suppliers of snacks or vitamins for retail stores, agents can help buyers find the right product at a competitive price. In addition, they can use their knowledge of regional markets and local contacts to secure the best deals for their clients.
  2. Sourcing Ingredients:
  3. : Many businesses rely on agents to provide assistance with import and export logistics. Agents can be instrumental in helping companies navigate complex customs regulations and ensure that goods arrive safely and quickly at their destination. They can also support buyers with navigating local laws, making sure that all products meet safety requirements before they are shipped out.
  4. Import & Export Logistics:
  5. : Agents can also provide useful market insights to buyers looking to purchase food products from different countries or regions. By employing an agent, customers can gain access to information about pricing trends in specific areas, as well as any potential regulations or restrictions that could affect their purchases. This intel helps them make more informed decisions when selecting suppliers or negotiating prices.

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