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Spain is a hotspot for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector, offering diverse options for buyers. As the leading B2B platform, Torg connects buyers with top-tier suppliers in Spain and throughout Europe to ensure a seamless journey towards realizing exceptional products with efficiency and trust.

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Conservas la gaviota s.l. arroyabe
ARROYABE is a Spanish company of canned and preserved fish and seafood, established in the market for more than 100 years. Our maximum has always been the handmade products and the high quality; due to this fact we make a very high fish selection. Arroyabe offers an important range of products, with reference to the needs of the main retail and horeca chains, specialized in White Tuna (Bonito del Norte), Light Tuna (Yellowfin) and Cantabrian Anchovy. Our factory has the most modern facilities and production process. We have many certifications like IFS, MSC, Friends of the Sea and FDA.
Canned sardines
Certificates: All
aceites abril s.l. logo
Aceites abril s.l.
Mixed vegetable oils
Olive oil mixes
Olive oil sprays
Olive oil
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Spain - - ourense
Certificates: All
aceites de las heras logo
Aceites de las heras
We are a hundred-year-old family owned company dedicated to the production, packaging, and distribution of oils, located in the town of Utiel (Valencia). We account with our own IFS and HALAL certified olive oil mill, and we are in the ranking of the top 25 olive oil companies in Spain.
Extra virgin olive oil
Sunflower oil
Rapeseed oil
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Spain Avenida Bodegas 16 - utiel
Certificates: All
César Nieto Group S.L logo
César nieto group s.l
Cesar Nieto has been a family business for 5 generations that raises Iberico Premium pigs. Our pork is exclusive because it is raised extensively only in small herds with a few pigs, large extensions, quality feed, with a long life and a quality genetic fat typical of the indigenous area of ​​Salamanca. We have a meat, hams and cured meats from high quality, come and try
Pork loin
Cooked pork loin
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Spain Ventosa 22. Parcela 66M - Guijuelo
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000
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More about private label food and beverage manufacturing in Spain

  • Spain is a major hub for private-label food manufacturing, offering buyers a diverse range of options for their products. The country's strategic location in the heart of Europe and its strong culinary traditions make it an ideal destination for sourcing high-quality private-label products. With a wide variety of suppliers scattered across the country, Spain boasts a rich landscape of flavors, traditions, and innovations driving the growth of the food sector.
  • In recent years, there has been a significant shift in shopping trends towards private label brands in Spain. Consumers are increasingly looking for affordable yet high-quality alternatives to well-known brands, leading to a surge in demand for private label products. As a result, many businesses have turned to Spanish manufacturers to meet this growing demand.
  • Torg plays a crucial role in connecting buyers with top-tier private-label suppliers in Spain. The platform offers an extensive database of suppliers and products from all over the country, making it easier than ever for buyers to find relevant suppliers fast. Torg's commitment to innovation and trust ensures that buyers can rely on exceptional quality and efficiency when sourcing their private-label products from Spain.

Shopping trends for Spain

  • Growing Demand for Private Label Products:
    In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for private label products in Spain. This trend is expected to continue as consumers become more price-conscious and seek out high-quality, affordable alternatives to name-brand products. According to data from the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (ASEDAS), private label sales increased by 2.3% in 2019 compared to the previous year. This growth is indicative of the trust that Spanish consumers have in private label products, which offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.
  • Pandemic Impact on Private Label Sales:
    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns in Spain. With lockdowns and economic uncertainty, many consumers turned to private label products as a more budget-friendly option during these challenging times. In fact, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel, private label sales grew by 8% during the first half of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This shift towards private labels is likely to continue even after the pandemic subsides as consumers prioritize value for money.
  • Rise of Health-Conscious Consumers:
    Another notable trend in Spain's private label market is the increasing demand for health-conscious products. As consumers become more health-conscious, they are seeking out private label options that offer healthier ingredients and nutritional benefits. In response to this trend, many retailers are expanding their range of organic, gluten-free, and other healthy private label options. This presents an exciting opportunity for suppliers on Torg who can meet this growing demand.