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Romania has become a major hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector, attracting buyers from all over Europe. As the premier platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers, Torg offers an extensive database of private-label manufacturers across the country. With our commitment to innovation and trust, we ensure a seamless journey towards realizing your products with exceptional quality and efficiency.

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Safir srl
Products: Meat, sausage, game and poultry Meat (unprocessed) Poultry Meat products Poultry Sausage Smoked products Other meat products Meat-based convenience products Ready-meals with meat Other meat-based convenience products Product sector: Meat Trend subjects: private label Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Products for the food processing industry Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Germany Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe
Poultry minced meat
Fresh chicken
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Romania Str Podul Inalt, No 6 - Vaslui
Certificates: All
Scandia Food Frozen SRL logo
Scandia food frozen srl
Products: Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen ready-meals Frozen snacks/Finger food Forzen meat-based ready-meals Frozen vegetarian/vegan ready-meals Product sector: Frozen Food
Canned fish
Frozen ready-made meals
Frozen soup
Frozen appetizers
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Romania Şos. Măineasca nr. 207. - Petrăchioaia
Certificates: All
Sc alconor company srl
Alconor Company specializes in producing bottled carbonated and noncarbonated drinks, energy drinks, water, and sports drinks. They focus on quality products in the beverage and food industry, including pet food distribution and logistics. Check out their latest news and campaigns on their website.
Mineral water
Soft drink
Natural mineral water
Carbonated drinks
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Romania B-dul Eroilor 120A - Voluntari
Certificates: All
SC Five Continents Group SRL logo
Sc five continents group srl
Five Continents Group produces Romanian dairy products from Romanian milk, offering fresh dairy products like cheese and various types of dairy products. They prioritize consumer respect by providing products exclusively made from local milk, known for their refined taste and high-quality standards. Their clean products are made from quality natural ingredients, such as fresh milk from local sources and selected lactic cultures, without artificial additives. The company's modern technology and automated processes ensure superior quality recognized nationally and internationally, suitable for consumers of all ages.
Fresh milk
Fresh cheese
Romania Loc.Rachiti, Com.Rachiti, Jud.Botosani, Romania - Com.Rachiti
Certificates: All

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Frozen Ready-Made Meals
Frozen Soup
Frozen Appetizers

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Fssc 22000
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More about private label food and beverage manufacturing in Romania

  • Romania has quickly emerged as a hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector. The country's strategic location in the heart of Europe, combined with its well-established infrastructure and highly skilled workforce, has made it a prime destination for businesses looking to source high-quality food products at competitive prices. With a rich history of culinary traditions and an abundance of fresh ingredients, Romania offers a diverse landscape of food suppliers and manufacturers that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
  • In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior towards private label products in Romania. This trend is driven by the growing demand for affordable yet premium quality products, as well as the increasing awareness of sustainable and ethical sourcing practices among consumers. As a result, more and more businesses are turning to private label manufacturers in Romania to meet these changing market demands.
  • At Torg, we understand the importance of connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers who can deliver exceptional quality and efficiency. Our platform provides buyers with access to a vast network of private label manufacturers in Romania and throughout the European Union. We are committed to fostering innovation and trust within the private label industry, helping businesses bring their unique products to market with confidence.

Shopping trends for Romania

  • Growing Importance of Private Label Manufacturing:
    Over the past few decades, Romania has emerged as an important hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector. This is due to a growing demand for high-quality, affordable products among consumers, as well as the country's strategic location within the European Union (EU). The private label market share has been steadily increasing each year, with a particular focus on food and beverage products. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, making Romania a key player in the private label industry.
  • Rise of E-commerce:
    The rise of e-commerce has had a significant impact on private label trends in Romania. With more consumers shifting towards online shopping, there has been an increase in demand for private label products that offer quality at affordable prices. This has also led to an increase in competition among private label manufacturers, leading to innovations and improvements in product offerings. With Torg's platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers, this trend is only expected to accelerate.
  • Shifting Consumer Preferences:
    In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards healthier and more sustainable products among Romanian consumers. As a result, many private label manufacturers have started offering organic and environmentally friendly options to cater to this demand. This shift is also driven by younger generations who are more conscious about their purchasing decisions. Torg's commitment to innovation and trust ensures that buyers can find these types of products from reputable suppliers on their platform.