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At Torg, you can find a wide range of egg-related products from trusted suppliers around the globe. We specialize in delivering high-quality eggs at competitive prices for wholesalers, private label buyers and other business customers. Our extensive database covers a variety of types, including free range organic eggs, pasteurized chicken eggs and duck eggs from reputable sources in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region and beyond. Browse our selection to find just what you need!

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  1. Global Demand: The global egg market has seen steady growth in recent decades, with the demand for eggs from a range of sources increasing. This is particularly true in Europe and North America, where consumer demand for higher quality products continues to drive growth. In addition, more and more people are turning to eggs as a source of protein, due to its affordability and convenience. B2B suppliers have seen increased interest from buyers looking to purchase eggs for their restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other foodservice outlets. There is also an increased demand for specialty items such as organic eggs, farm-fresh eggs or private label eggs.
  2. Mediterranean Region: The egg market in the Mediterranean region has grown rapidly in recent years due to increased demand from buyers looking to source local products. This includes not only traditional egg products such as brown or white shell eggs but also specialty items like olive oil omelettes and other regional specialties. Suppliers in this region have been able to capitalize on this trend by offering a wide selection of locally sourced products that appeal to both local consumers and international buyers alike.

Related products and categories

  1. Organic Eggs: Organic eggs are a great choice for those looking for healthy, natural, and sustainable products. They are also a popular option for buyers who want to be sure that their eggs come from free-range chickens that have been fed organic feed diets.
  2. Free Range Eggs: Free range eggs come from chickens allowed to roam freely outdoors where they can eat natural food sources such as insects and grass. These eggs have a richer flavor than conventional ones, making them a favorite among consumers in search of the best quality ingredients.
  3. Quail Eggs: Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs and have a slightly different texture and taste. Not only do they add an interesting visual twist to dishes, but they also contain more protein per gram than regular chicken eggs, making them an ideal source of nutrition.
  4. Duck Eggs: Duck eggs offer significantly higher levels of vitamins A & B12 compared to chicken eggs, thanks to the additional fat content in duck egg yolks. Duck egg whites also possess a better emulsifying power which makes it great for baking applications such as meringues or macarons.
  5. Cage Free Eggs: Cage free eggs are produced by hens living in spacious barns with outdoor access. This ensures that the birds live in humane conditions while being able to exercise their natural behavior like scratching the ground or dustbathing – resulting in healthier animals and tastier products.

Connecting the World of Egg Suppliers

  1. Spain: Spain is a country that has been known for its egg production and supply for many centuries. It produces a variety of eggs, ranging from small quail eggs to large duck eggs. The Mediterranean climate and the abundance of pastures make it ideal for raising both hens and ducks for their eggs. Torg can help connect buyers with Spanish egg suppliers who sell a wide range of products, such as free-range organic eggs, conventional farm-raised eggs, speciality duck, quail and goose eggs. Plus, Torg can help you navigate through various b2b opportunities with Spanish suppliers providing private label and wholesale options.
  2. Italy: Italy's rich culinary heritage includes some incredible egg dishes like carbonara and frittata. As result Italian farmers have been perfecting their egg production techniques over generations which made Italy one of top EU countries in terms of egg supply. Torg's team can provide buyers access to Italian suppliers specializing in all types of products – including both conventional and organic varieties – at competitive prices that meet all quality standards. In addition to direct purchasing opportunities via our platform, Torg offers assistance with private label/wholesale deals to those looking to find new business partners in Italy.
  3. Greece: Greece is another Mediterranean country renowned for its delicious egg dishes such as spanakopita or avgolemono soup. Greek farms produce an impressive array of high-quality free-range eggs which are exported throughout Europe (and beyond). At the same time local businesses benefit from utilizing Torg's marketplace to source their own stock from reliable Greek suppliers directly via our platform or enjoy special wholesale rates on larger orders when needed. With support from Torg's team buyers can easily locate the right supplier due to our comprehensive categories database covering all types of food ingredients including B2B sourcing solutions for Eggs category.
  4. Turkey: Turkey is widely regarded as one of leading exporter countries when it comes to supplying variety type of Eggs across the globe including Europe marketplaces like Germany and France but also other parts like Central Asia or Middle East region. Local farmers take pride in producing high grade quality Chicken Eggs as well as Goose Eggs ensuring customer satisfaction no matter what project they are working on! With help from Torg's team buyers now have access to numerous Turkish Egg Suppliers offering not only best possible prices but also proven track record in terms of reliability so customers don't have waste time searching elsewhere!