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Looking for reliable wholesale cleaning supplies? Look no further than Torg! We offer an extensive selection of top quality products from suppliers all over the world, so you can easily find everything you need at unbeatable prices. Our database is constantly updated with new items and up-to-date information about our trusted suppliers, making us the go-to choice for b2b sourcing in Europe, Mediterranean, Spain, Italy and beyond.

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Find the perfect b2b supplier for your next private label cleaning supplies sourcing project! Browse our extensive selection of wholesale cleaning products, including biodegradable dish soap and eco-friendly surface cleaners. From Spain to Italy, we've got you covered. Discover quality cleaning supplies for all your business needs at Torg.

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Astareal AB logo
Astareal ab
Astareal is a global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin production. They offer a range of products focusing on human and animal health benefits. With over 70 human clinical studies, Astareal is a trusted brand known for its quality and purity standards. Whether you're looking for supplements for skin, vision, brain health, or seeking to boost endurance and immune function, Astareal has you covered. Additionally, they provide solutions for animal nutrition in pets, livestock, aquaculture, and horses. Reach out to them for bulk or retail product inquiries or general information to contribute to better health and wellbeing.
Pet food ingredients
Pet foods
Cleaning supplies
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Sweden Britt-Louise Sundells gata 7-9, - Gustavsberg
Certificates: All
Werner & Mertz Benelux logo
Werner & mertz benelux
Werner & Mertz Professional offers high-performance hygiene solutions for commercial customers in the professional cleaning industry. Their Green Care Professional and Tana Professional brands provide top-quality cleaning products that are gentle on the environment and effective in various applications. With a strong commitment to sustainability, they strive to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. Whether it's building care, kitchen hygiene, or industrial cleaning, Werner & Mertz Professional has the right products for every sector.
Cleaning supplies
Toilet cleaner
Russia Dzerzhinskoe Highway, 5 - Kotelniki
Certificates: All
sel chemie bv logo
Sel chemie bv
Sel Chemie is a Dutch family company founded in 1947 that is a producer of liquid firelighters (for fireplace and BBQ), bio ethanol (for bio ethanol fireplace), lamp oil, torch oil, and fire gel, that are produced under the brand Farmlight® and are sold all over the world. Sel Chemie is also producer of household chemicals like cleaning benzine, methylated spirit, white spirit, cleaning vinegar and some automotive products like coolant and antifreeze. All products can be produced with private label or under the Farmlight/SEL brand. Sel Chemie also has its own production plant that produces its PET bottles and child safe closures. Because of this, Sel Chemie has a reliable supply chain and is flexible in the choosing of its packaging." Contact them for a tailored solution for your needs.
Cleaning supplies
Netherlands 23 Broekstraat - 7122mn
Probiotic Group logo
Probiotic group
Probiotic Group is a specialized biotechnology laboratory focused on microbiology for cleaning and skincare products based on probiotics. They invest in research and development to offer reliable solutions that meet your daily needs, believing in the power and benefits of probiotics for the environment and the future. Their Provilan range includes skincare, hygiene, and cleaning products made from environmentally friendly ingredients, effective and safe for humans and pets. They also offer private label solutions for developing your own sustainable skincare, hygiene, and cleaning brand. Their mission is to address public health issues with nature-based solutions through innovative, environmentally friendly probiotic products.
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Cleaning supplies
Hand soap
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Luxembourg 1 Hasselt, 9944 Beiler Weiswampach - Luxembourg

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