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Lithuania has become a hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector, offering buyers a diverse range of options. As the premier platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers, Torg ensures exceptional quality and efficiency for all products. Our commitment to innovation and trust sets us apart, providing buyers with seamless sourcing experiences. With a wide selection of products and a vast database of suppliers across the European Union, Torg is dedicated to helping businesses find the perfect private label solutions.

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top choice poultry logo
Top choice poultry
Our products originate from the three largest poultry meat production facilities in both Latvia and Lithuania: Putnu fabrika Ķekava, Lielzeltiņi, and Vilniaus Paukštynas. Our Range of Exceptional Products: Chilled products: Guaranteed freshness for the finest poultry experience. Frozen Variety: Convenient natural and salted options, always top-notch. Roasted Perfection: Savour delectable flavours, prepared with care. Ready-to-Eat Products: Quality without compromise, when time is short. Tailored Culinary Creations: Craft unique dishes to suit your kitchen. Private Labels: Your brand, our exceptional poultry products Our Core Focus: Integrated Production: Excellence from farm to fork. Animal Welfare: Prioritising chicken well-being. Antibiotic-Free: Healthier, safer poultry. Compliance: Meeting all regulations. Certified Excellence: BRC and FSSC 22000 certified. Halal Certification: Catering to diverse dietary preferences.
Fresh chicken
Processed meat
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Lithuania Gamyklos g. 27, Rudaminos k., LT-13249 Vilniaus r. - rudamina
Certificates: All
sc zemaitijos pienas logo
Sc zemaitijos pienas
Zemaitijos Pienas offers a wide range of dairy products, including milk powder, cheese, spreads, and more. They prioritize quality and tradition, providing customers with the best dairy products. Visit their website for more information on their products, company history, and retail locations.
Mineral water
Whole milk powder
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Lithuania Sedos g. 35, LT-87101 Telsiai, Lithuania - Telsiai
Certificates: All
Ab "pieno žvaigždės" branch pasvalio sūrinė
Natrals offers a wide range of natural dairy products made using the latest technology. From eco yogurt to lactosefree Greek yogurt, their products are a blend of nature and tradition. They are one of the largest and most modern dairy processing companies in the Baltic countries, prioritizing quality and sustainability. Discover their products at
Ice cream
Sweet cream butters
Ice cream cone
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Lithuania Mūšos g. 14 - Pasvalys
Certificates: All
JSC (UAB) „Veiverių skonis“ logo
Jsc (uab) „veiverių skonis“
Veiveriu Skonis specializes in delicious mayonnaises, sauces, and margarines. Explore their wide range of products on their website available in multiple languages.
Tomato sauces with onions
Tomato sauces with olives
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Lithuania Ąžuolo g. 2 - Veiveriai, Prienų r.
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000
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More about private label food and beverage manufacturing in Lithuania

  • Lithuania is quickly becoming a hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector, with its strategic location in the heart of Europe and its commitment to innovation and quality. The country offers a diverse landscape of food suppliers and manufacturers, catering to various businesses and industries. With a wide range of products available, from traditional Lithuanian dishes to modern and innovative creations, Lithuania is an ideal destination for private label sourcing.
  • In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for private label products in Lithuania, driven by changing consumer preferences towards locally sourced and high-quality food products. This has led to the emergence of new shopping trends, such as online grocery shopping and increased focus on sustainable and organic options.
  • Torg's role as the premier platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers is crucial in this landscape, providing a seamless journey towards realizing their products with exceptional quality and efficiency. With Torg's extensive database of suppliers across the European Union, buyers can find relevant suppliers fast while also having access to an immense selection of products. This makes Torg an invaluable resource for businesses looking to thrive in Lithuania's vibrant food market.

Shopping trends for Lithuania

  • Growing Demand for Private Label Products:
    In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for private label products in Lithuania. This trend can be attributed to the growing interest of consumers in high-quality yet affordable options. According to market research, private label products have seen an estimated 10% growth rate annually over the last decade. This trend is expected to continue as more buyers turn to private label suppliers for their food product needs.
  • Shift towards Sustainable and Organic Options:
    Another significant trend in the Lithuanian private label landscape is the shift towards sustainable and organic options. With increasing awareness about health and environmental concerns, consumers are actively seeking out products with clean and transparent ingredient lists. This has led to a rise in demand for private label manufacturers that specialize in producing sustainable and organic food products.
  • Continued Growth of E-commerce Channels:
    The e-commerce sector has also played a crucial role in driving sales trends for private label food products in Lithuania. In recent years, online shopping has become increasingly popular among Lithuanian consumers, with estimates showing that around 50% of all retail purchases are made through digital channels. As such, many private label manufacturers have started focusing on developing strong e-commerce strategies to tap into this growing market.