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France is a hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector, offering a diverse range of options for buyers. As the premier platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers, Torg ensures seamless journeys towards realizing exceptional quality and efficiency. We are committed to innovation and trust, making us the go-to sourcing partner for all types of businesses across Europe.

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biscuit international netherlands logo
Biscuit international netherlands
As a trusted manufacturer, we provide a full range of biscuits and bread substitutes to a wide range of customers and channels across the globe, including major retailers, discounters, wholesalers, out-of-home players and co-manufacturing customers. As the leading private label biscuit and bread substitute manufacturer in Europe, we are committed to offering excellent taste at great value. Our exceptional product know-how and consumer knowledge allow us to strengthen our customers’ brands and meet consumers’ expectations. Trend subjects: Organic Private label Vegan
Soft waffles
Chocolate sprits biscuits
Stick biscuits covered with chocolate
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France Vreekesweid 2, 1721 PR Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands - Broek Op Langedijk
Certificates: All
eurial logo
Eurial is a major player in the dairy sector, offering a wide range of products with a focus on quality and innovation. They are committed to sustainable dairy production and responsible agriculture, working closely with their cooperative members and employees to build a strong future. Eurial's strength lies in their control over the entire dairy supply chain, from farm to market, ensuring highquality dairy products for consumers worldwide. With a strong presence both in France and internationally, Eurial is dedicated to creating valueadded products and specializing in various markets. Join Eurial for a fulfilling career opportunity and be part of their cooperative values and commitment to sustainable agriculture.
Frozen pizza
Milk drink
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France - - Nantes
Certificates: All
lesaffre frères logo
Lesaffre frères
Lesaffre is a global player in fermentation, specializing in yeast and bacteria for baking, taste enhancement, healthcare, and biotechnology. With nearly 170 years of experience and 11,000 employees from 96 nationalities, they push boundaries in utilizing microorganisms for various industries. Through their expertise in fermentation, they provide innovative solutions tailored to the needs of customers in baking, food flavors, healthcare, and industrial biotechnology. Lesaffre is dedicated to continuously improving and making a positive impact on human, animal, and plant nutrition and health through scientific and technological advancements.
Sugar alternative
Fermented milk drinks
Fermented drinks
France 67 rue de la Gare - CERENCES
Certificates: All
moutarde logo
Specializing in condiments since 1816 European Condiment expert, offering a wide range of condiments such as mustards and pickles under their own brands and for private labels. Partnering with distribution, industry, and food service sectors in France and internationally.
Vegetable pickles
Wine vinegars
Canned cabbage
Canned cauliflower
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France - - Couchey
Certificates: All

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More about private label food and beverage manufacturing in France

  • France's food sector is a dynamic and thriving industry, with a diverse landscape of suppliers and manufacturers catering to various needs and preferences. With its rich culinary heritage and innovative spirit, France has emerged as a hub for private label manufacturing in the Food & Beverage sector. From traditional French delicacies to modern fusion cuisine, France offers a wide range of high-quality products that are sought after by buyers worldwide.
  • As the premier platform connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers, Torg plays a crucial role in the private label manufacturer landscape in France. With its extensive database of suppliers across the European Union, Torg offers buyers an unparalleled selection of products to choose from. Through Torg, buyers can easily submit product requests, ask for quotes from specific suppliers, and browse through an impressive array of products. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures exceptional quality and efficiency in realizing their private label products.
  • At Torg, we are committed to innovation and trust, which defines our approach towards private label manufacturing. We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products that meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. With France's growing importance in the food industry, Torg is dedicated to providing buyers with access to top-notch private label manufacturers who can help them realize their vision with ease.

Shopping trends for France

  • Short Term Sales Growth:
    In recent years, France has seen a significant increase in the popularity of private label products. According to a report by Nielsen, sales of private label food and beverages have grown by 3.1% in the last year alone. This trend is expected to continue as consumers prioritize value and quality when making purchasing decisions.
  • Long Term Market Share:
    Over the past few decades, private label products have gained a significant foothold in the French market. In 2019, they accounted for 40% of all grocery sales in France and this number is only expected to rise as more consumers become aware of their benefits.
  • Consumer Purchasing Behavior:
    One key factor driving the growth of private label products in France is changing consumer behavior. As shoppers become more conscious of their spending habits and seek out affordable yet high-quality options, they are turning to private label products as a viable alternative to name brands.
  • Factors Influencing Trends:
    Several factors are influencing the growth of private label trends in France. These include economic uncertainty, increased competition among retailers, and shifting attitudes towards store brands. Additionally, Torg's platform plays a crucial role in connecting buyers with top-tier suppliers who can provide exceptional quality and efficiency for their private label needs.