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Looking for a trustworthy source of VdT products? Look no further than Torg's b2b marketplace! We offer an extensive selection of VdT products from reputable suppliers across Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond. Our comprehensive database makes it easy to find exactly what you need, whether that is bulk orders for retail or private label deals for branded products. With competitive wholesale prices and reliable delivery options, you can count on Torg to provide all your VdT needs.

Capture a gastronomic experience of the VdT category with Torg! Showcase the variety of suppliers and products, from olive oil to snacks mixes, and all the way to private label items. Make sure to highlight the variety that Torg provides for customers looking for b2b sourcing within Europe or Mediterranean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VdT?

VdT, or Value-Driven Trade, is a type of business-to-business supply chain that focuses on the fair and equitable exchange of goods between companies. Through VdT, companies are able to source products from suppliers who provide them with quality materials at competitive prices while also considering the social and environmental impact their practices have. Torg can assist buyers in finding the right suppliers for their product needs and ensuring that they are getting goods sourced responsibly.

How do companies benefit from using VdT?

Companies all over the world use VdT to reduce costs while also ensuring that their operations remain sustainable. For example, by sourcing locally instead of from large international corporations, companies can save money on transportation costs while also supporting regional businesses. Additionally, sourcing responsibly ensures that products come from reputable suppliers who use ethical labor practices and consider environmental impacts when producing goods.

How does Torg help buyers find relevant suppliers?

Companies can use Torg to search for suppliers based on their location, industry expertise and product range. Additionally, buyers can contact multiple suppliers at once through Torg's platform to compare quotes as well as terms such as delivery times and payment methods. Finally, buyers can access information about suppliers' track record of successful deals and certifications such as organic or Fairtrade so they know exactly what kind of products they are getting when partnering with a supplier.

Is there any special considerations I should make when sourcing VdT products from Europe?

Buyers looking for private label or wholesale products in Europe should use Torg’s platform to search for local providers in Spain, Italy or other Mediterranean countries offering custom branding solutions in addition to traditional bulk orders. Likewise, if you’re looking for niche ingredients like truffle oil or saffron threads then you should take advantage of our wide array of specialty food producers across Europe whose offerings may not be available from larger chains elsewhere.

What else should I consider when working with a supplier through Torg?

Yes! It is important for buyers to thoroughly communicate with each potential supplier before making any agreements so that there is a clear understanding of expectations between both parties involved in the deal. This includes asking questions regarding pricing structure (retail vs wholesale), lead times, payment terms and other conditions related to fulfilling your order requirements efficiently without any surprise issues along the way.

Buying Trends for VdT Products

  1. Increased Demand: Over the past two decades, there has been an increase in demand for VdT products by B2B buyers worldwide. This is especially true in Europe and the Mediterranean countries, where VdT products are extremely popular. Moreover, the rising popularity of private label VdT products has been a driving factor behind this growth. Even though some suppliers have seen their sales decline due to increased competition, many have experienced steady sales growth due to their ability to offer quality goods at competitive prices.
  2. Health & Sustainability Focus: As consumers become more health conscious, they are increasingly seeking healthier options when it comes to food products. This has resulted in an uptick in demand for organic and non-GMO VdT products from B2B buyers globally. Furthermore, as people become more environmentally aware and concerned about sustainability, suppliers of sustainable VdT products have also benefitted from increased interest from buyers worldwide.

Key Supply Chain Issues Faced by Businesses Today

  1. Supply Chain Instability: In recent years, supply chain instability has become a major issue for businesses across the world. This includes disruptions due to weather events, political tensions, and other factors. Companies have also faced difficulties in sourcing from suppliers located in faraway countries and dealing with customs delays or tariffs. Furthermore, there is an increasing trend of digitization of the supply chain that has made it more complex as well as increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  2. Counterfeit Goods: One of the most common issues in international b2b food product sourcing is that of counterfeit goods. Counterfeit products are often sold on the market at prices lower than original products and can cause harm to both businesses and consumers alike. To combat this issue, Torg takes strict measures by verifying their suppliers' credentials and authenticity of products before they are listed on our platform.

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