The future of sourcing

Torg brings innovation to food and beverage sourcing through a software platform and online marketplace.

We take the manual effort out of finding the right supplier and provide you with all the tools you need from product idea to contract signing and more!

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The market today

Today, procurement is very offline, inefficient, and manual. The market is vast, fragmented and intransparent.

Buyers spend countless hours attending fairs, researching, and networking to find suppliers. And when they finally find a few suppliers, that is just job half-done. There is still a long way to go with specification, negotiation and fulfillment.

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Change for the better

Torg is digitizing product sourcing to bring buyers and suppliers closer together.

Torg offers streamlined processes through supplier discovery, communication, negotiation, and fulfillment. This will improve business for both buyers and suppliers while saving both time and money as the market gets more transparent and efficient.